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   Chapter 310 Lost Track Of Her (Part Two)

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Cherry drove her car at top speed and followed the map to reach her destination in time.

She drove her car into an area off the map and looked around. Remote as it was, the buildings inside looked special, luxurious, and noble.

She pulled over outside the gate and said to the guard, "Sir, excuse me, I'm looking for Mond Xu."

The guard nodded and respectfully said to her, "Come in, please." It seemed that the guard had already taken orders from somebody and was waiting for Cherry.

Cherry paid no attention to his extra respect, and drove her car inside.

Standing in the monitor room and watching the cameras, Mond saw Cherry's car coming in. His heartbeat accelerated, because he knew that he would soon do something crazy.

Cherry pulled over and got out of her car. She then walked around the place, looking for the D Building.

After she went in circles she finally found the D Building, which was located in the most remote area of the neighborhood.

She then walked inside and waited for the elevator.

Mond saw the calm expression on Cherry's face. If the plan went well, she would see him without noticing anything abnormal about him.

His mobile phone rang, and Mond answered it.

"Talk, " said Mond coldly.

"She's waiting for the elevator, " a male voice was heard coming from the other end of the line.

"Go as planned, " he ordered.

"Yes, sir."

The elevator door opened and then Cherry walked inside. She pressed the button for Floor 32.

Mond watched the screen and saw that Cherry still looked calm and quiet. "That's good, " he thought.

All of a sudden, the screen went black, and he couldn't see anything on it anymore.

Mond's heart trembled with excitement and expectation. Cherry had disappeared from the surveillance screen, but she had nowhere to go.

Mond knew better than anybody else that Cherry was trapped inside.

He smiled wryly, turned round, and left the monitor room.

Cherry's body trembled with fear, and she squatted helplessly in a corner. The sudden darkness and the rapid fall of the elevator frightened her nearly to death. She had read news about elevator accidents, but she hadn't expected that she would unfortunately one day actually experience one. She was scared.

Cherry opened her eyes but saw nothing in the dark. Fear engulfed her, and she stretched her hands and fumbled around in her bag for her mobile phone.

After she found it, she immediately unlocked it. The screen lit, and now she could at least see something around her.

Looking around, she saw the elevator was undamaged, but its door was still closed.

Cherry stood up, rushed to the door, and pounded on it with one hand, while with the other

to interrupt Selina's work, so she turned around and left her office.

A few moments later, Selina's mobile phone rang. When she picked it up and saw that it was Jackson who was calling her, she smiled, and answered it.

"Hello, Jackson, " giggled Selina.

"Selina, are you at the JS? Why isn't Cherry answering my calls?" asked Jackson anxiously.

"She went out to meet with one of the clients, and probably her phone's signal is poor. I also called her several times already, and she also didn't answer me. I guess she'll come back here later in the afternoon, " answered Selina calmly.

Selina's voice calmed Jackson. He felt silly to worry about Cherry that way.

"Well, when she comes back in the afternoon, tell her to call me, " said Jackson.

"Jackson, why do you need her so urgently? I can send for somebody to look for her, if you want me to."

"Don't bother, let her work. She didn't answer my phone, so I was afraid that she might be trouble. That's all, " said Jackson.

"Are you afraid that she might not find her way back to work? Don't be silly, she's fine! I'll ask her to call you as soon as I see her."

"Well, thank you. I'll hang up now, " said Jackson.

"Okay, bye!"

Jackson then hung up. He held his phone firmly in his hand, and an unexpected and complicated feeling started to rise in his heart. He was worried about Cherry's safety, and she was probably in danger. Perhaps he was just being silly, but whatever it was, he was suffering from a great deal of distress because of it.

He recalled his conversation with Selina. Selina said that Cherry was just out on a meeting with one of her clients, and that she surely would find her way back to work safe and sound. He was a fool to worry about her safety, but where did the ominous feelings come from?

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