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   Chapter 309 Lost Track Of Her (Part One)

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Andrew nodded his head. He looked ahead and got lost in thought.

"Jackson, sometimes we have to do what's necessary. I also don't like the way we treated him, " said Andrew, sighing.

"Grandpa, I know that, " answered Jackson. He actually understood his Grandpa, and although he had been young at that time, he had somehow gotten some sense of judgement. He knew that his Grandpa had given some money to Mond Xu, and he couldn't judge him for that. He would have done exactly the same thing if he had been in that position, and although many options had been available, that was the best of them. After all, he had never thought that Mond Xu would ever come back to this city and cause more trouble.

Andrew looked Jackson in the eyes and asked seriously, "Jackson, if I did something wrong, would you blame me if you found out about them?"

Jackson immediately shook his head, and answered, "Never! You're my family, and I would never blame you for anything in my whole life!"

Andrew stared at Jackson with approval and spoke no more. 'Jackson, I don't care if you blame me, as long as you're reasonable enough to deal with it. I was selfish, and I had to hurt your beloved ones to protect you, ' thought Andrew to himself, regretfully and sadly.

Jackson also remained silent when he saw that his Grandpa had gone lost in thought.

It was eerily quiet and depressive in the study. All of a sudden, Andrew laughed heartily and patted Jackson on the shoulder. He said, "Jackson, with you around here, I won't worry about a thing. I believe that you can deal with it!"

"Yeah, " said Jackson, while nodding his head. "Grandpa, please take good care of yourself. Cherry and I have been extremely busy recently, and that's why we didn't spend too much time with you, something for which we're really sorry. But, if you ever need anything, just call us."

"Alright, " replied Andrew. He tried to refrain himself from weeping, because he knew that his health condition was deteriorating. He had to endure unbearable pains every night, but Jackson and his family were always the comforting elements that eased all of his sufferings.

The Butler, standing outside the door, heard movements inside the study. He remained quiet while he passed the door, and then went downstairs.

Jackson walked down the steps and saw that the Butler was busy sorting out Andrew's newspapers. He went to him, and said, "I'm going out now. If the sun's shining this afternoon, take my Grandpa out for a walk."

"As you wish. Jackson, don't worry, " replied the Butler, with a broad smile on his face.

"Alright." Jackson nodded his consent, even though he didn't believe a word of what the Butler sa

her office desk.

"You're on time, " said Mond.

Cherry couldn't tell whether Mond Xu was being sarcastic or polite. She thought for a moment, and then said over the phone, "You said that you have something to tell me about Jackson. I..."

But Cherry was suddenly interrupted by Mond.

"Come to the Yaju Community, D Building, Floor 32; I'll be waiting for you, " he said.

"What? What are you talking about?" Cherry was completely confused.

"Come to the place I told you in an hour, " ordered Mond Xu authoritatively.

"What's that place? Why do I have to come there?" asked Cherry, both warily and furiously.

"It's my home, " said Mond, and then immediately hung up before Cherry had the chance to say something more.

Cherry then dropped her phone on the table, worried about what Mond Xu had told her to do. Did he ask her to come to his home alone? But she rarely knew him. How could he do this to her?

While Cherry was debating with herself whether she should go or not, the phone rang again, but this time with a text message. Cherry checked it and saw that it was from Mond Xu.

"Come to my house in an hour. Otherwise, you will never know Jackson's secrets. Nobody except me will tell you about them."

This message made Cherry sickly nervous. Mond Xu had provided her with a chance to know the truth, but on an unknown road. Should she take it nor not?

Eventually, Cherry made up her mind, and kept telling herself that Jackson was more important than anything else. Although she loved him deeply, she had always had some questions about him. Now, finally a man had come out and was willing to answer her questions. How could she give up such a wonderful opportunity?

Cherry then quickly finished her work, grabbed her bag, and walked out of the office.

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