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   Chapter 308 Persuading Grandpa (Part Three)

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Andrew smilingly looked at Joe and said, "You haven't had breakfast, have you? Let's go and get some breakfast together. After that you should go to school."

"Okay, " Joe agreed, he was very happy to have his Great-grandfather back home. The two generations walked hand in hand towards the dinning hall, with the young boy chattering away like a robbin.

Jackson and Cherry looked at each other and followed them into the dining hall.

After breakfast, Cherry drove her son to school. Andrew went outside with them to wave goodbye. He kept an eye on Cherry and Joe and didn't move his gaze until the car's image faded from the courtyard.

He then turned and walked into the house. He saw that Jackson was standing in the living room.

"Jackson, are you free this morning?" Andrew asked. He wanted to talk to Jackson about something important. Something that he could no longer ignore nor put off.

"Sure, I'm free at this moment. What's up?" replied Jackson. He felt that Andrew had something important to tell him, but he was not sure as to what it was about. When he saw the serious look in Andrew's eyes, he felt a little worried.

"Come to the study and I have something to ask you." said Andrew, in a calm tone. He then proceeded to go up the stairs.

Jackson paused for a second and then followed the old man to the study.

The butler placed Andrew's medicine in the drawer at the bedside table of Andrew's room and stepped out. He saw Andrew and Jackson enter the study, he wondered what was going on?

In the study, Andrew was sitting behind the desk and Jackson stood beside him, silently observing him.

Andrew tried to calm his emotion and with a cold voice asked, "How did Cherry know about Mond?"

This question took Jackson by surprise. He was not expecting this. He sighed, shook his head and answered, "I don't know. When she asked me about Mond, I too was surprised."

"No one told her?" asked Andrew. He seemed to be very worried.

Jackson thought for a while and replied, "No one should tell her. I don't think either Sally or Stephen has done that."

With doubts in his mind, Andrew wondered how did Cherry know it.

Andrew remained silent and changed the subject. "How was the party last night?" he asked. Did you see him?"

"Yes, " replied Andr

o get involved, to trust him that to settle this matter his own way.

After a while, Andrew said, "Jackson, I trust you! You must protect our family, protect Cherry and Joe. Especially Joe, he is our family's next generation and you must guarantee that nothing wrong will happen to him."

Jackson firmly nodded his head. He looked into Andrew's eyes and in a serious voice, said, "I will."

Andrew didn't say another word.

Jackson knew that Andrew would not get involved any more. He thought, 'Everything is now under my control. Even if there are any changes, I can handle it."

"Did Cherry meet him last night?" asked Andrew.

"Yes. But Cherry cared more about Jean at that time, so she had much time to talk to him." replied Jackson.

Andrew nodded and said, "It is unavoidable for them to meet each other, it was bound to happen now or in the future, since he is now back. You must take care and avoid letting them meet each other as much as possible, this from happening. I am worried that he would harm you and the people who are important to you."

What Andrew said was exactly what Jackson was worried about! What he had always been worried about, that Mond would do something bad to Cherry and his son. Andrew's words reminded him: now, more than ever, he needed to be more cautious and careful!

"Okay, I got it, Grandpa!" said Jackson. He didn't want to show Andrew how worried he was. He was afraid of Andrew's health. 'You just have a rest and let me handle everything.' Thought Jackson to himself.

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