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   Chapter 307 Persuading Grandpa (Part Two)

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After hearing Jackson's story, Cherry felt sorry for Selina. A girl who was so used to the warmth and protection of her family suddenly exposed to a traumatic experience. These kind of pain always left a scar that would later on manifest on a person's adult life. Somehow, Cherry could relate to the pain the Selina had felt, she too had some childhood experiences that were not easy to get over.

Jackson continued, "Later, Derek's parent realized that Selina was suffering from a shock brought about by that unfortunate event. She become withdrawn, she rarely spoke and her cheerful smile had vanished. To help her recover, Selina's parents decided to move to another place. They hoped that with a new environment Selina might be able to return to her normal self."

"What happened next?" Cherry asked, like an impatient child waiting for the happy ever after of a fairy tale story.

"They moved into an apartment. Somehow the change in surroundings helped Selina to feel better. She started to improve and she begun to talk and smile more often. The withdrawn child started to vanish, the normal, cheerful Selina started to emerge from her shell. However, when she was with her classmates, she behaved differently. She was indifferent and cold towards them. She was still afraid of rainy days to the extent that she would cry whenever it was raining. After junior high school, she left for overseas." Jackson said.

Cherry quietly listened to Jackson and didn't say a word.

After a while, Cherry asked, "Is Selina still scared?"

"Not that much now. After all, she's grown up and she has learned how to cope with her phobia. But the shadow of her childhood memory will always be there, she will never forget this. But, now I can see that she is happy and more confident. Derek and I are very happy for her and we don't want to disturb her present life, especially Derek." Jackson said. He knew better than any one how much Derek cared for his sister.

"I can see you are also very worried about her." Cherry stated as a fact.

"Yes, she is like my sister. When we were young, she would always follow me, play with me and call me brother. We were very happy. Derek and I have always felt so guilty. We have always blamed ourselves, we would often think that if only we didn't go to that summer camp, Selina would not have been left alone and she would

let's go!" said Andrew, as he walked out of the hospital with Jackson.

The butler followed them from behind carrying Andrew's personal things.

Cherry woke up from the loud protest of the alarm clock. She rubbed her sleepy eyes trying to convince them to open, went to the bathroom to wash her face and rinse her mouth. She immediately changed her clothes and walked out towards her son's room.

She gently pushed her son's room door and saw that her son was still sleeping. She walked over and called, "Joe, it's time to get up!"

"Mommy, I still want to sleep." Joe yawned and sleepily answered. He covered head and tucked himself tightly with the comforter, showing his unwillingness to get up.

"Be a good boy. You have to get up or you will be late for school." said Cherry, as she waggled Joe's arm trying to gently but firmly waking her son.

Joe helplessly sat up from the bed and dragged himself to the bathroom.

Just as Cherry and Joe went down the stairs, Andrew and Jackson walked into the house.

"Great-Grandpa, " shouted Joe as soon as he saw the old gentleman, Joe ran down the stairs and raced towards Andrew.

"Joe, " smiled Andrew, opening his arms in welcome Joe and hugged the boy tightly.

Cherry walked over towards the new arrivals and stood beside Jackson. In a low voice, she whispered, "That was quick."

"Yes. When I arrived at the hospital, Grandpa had already packed up his things and was ready to leave. The discharge procedure was completed immediately. He is really excited to come back home, " said Jackson with a smile.

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