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   Chapter 306 Persuading Grandpa (Part One)

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After they took a shower, Jackson and Cherry lay in the soft and comfortable bed, snuggling side by side. Jackson's arms held Cherry tightly.

Cherry wasn't ready to sleep, her brain was very much awake. She was trying to untangle and make sense of all the information she had just received. However, she had no idea where to start and to add more confusion to this mess was her feelings towards this man lying beside her. She was now uncertain of how she felt towards him and this made her feel very uncomfortable.

Dawn was now fast approaching, everyone in the house was fast asleep and not a creature disturbed the silence except for these two whose thoughts were racing in different directions. Jackson while looking at the ceiling broke the stillness and said, "Baby, I am really sorry about today. I was too impulsive."

Cherry didn't reply, instead, she held Jackson tightly and buried her head into his arms, snuggling up to his chest and feeling it rise and fall. She was reflecting on the words he just said.

Jackson pulled Cherry closer to him. He looked down into Cherry's eyes and asked, "Baby, can you promise me something?"

"Sure, what's it?" Cherry said. She knew that whenever Jackson was this tender to her, he was being very serious. So whatever it was that he was about to say he needed her full attention. Deep inside, Cherry immediately wanted to obey him, to please him and she wanted him to open up to her, tell her his thoughts what ever it might be.

"Please, don't ever, ever mention Mond's name in front of Grandpa." Jackson, said in an imploring manner.

Cherry didn't utter a word.

Jackson continued, "His name is a taboo in the Chu Family. We are not allowed to speak of his name or of him, especially not in front of Grandpa. And with his current health situation, I'm afraid that this will cause him unnecessary stress."

Cherry remained silent and thought for a while and then agreed, "Okay, I won't mention his name, I promise!"

She then didn't say another word, she knew that even if she asked him to explain why, Jackson would not tell her anymore details on this matter.

"Thank you, baby!" said Jackson, breathing out a relieved sigh.

Cherry suddenly remembered the words Derek told her earlier

rt business meeting, leaving Selina alone at home. Her parents always kept their home windows open to let in the cool air. That late afternoon a very strong thunderstorm visited the area and this prevented her parents from immediately coming home. Selina, who was still very young, tried to close all the windows. It seems that during the storm a lightning struck a power line causing the area where Selina's home is to have a power outage. While she was closing the last window a strong thunder clap surprised her and she accidentally knocked down a glass that was sitting on a table. The glass fell on the floor and shattered to pieces causing Selina to further to panic and step on the broken pieces. Frightened by the storm and the darkness she hid herself under the table. It was not until next morning that her parents were able to arrive home. They found her huddled under the table, unconscious and bleeding."

Jackson paused for a second and then continued, "When Derek and I returned home from the summer camp. Selina was already home from hospital, her feet was bandaged. But she was still very scared, barely speaking a word. In the evening, she could not sleep and always asked Derek to sleep with her in her room, afraid of dark. Derek slept in her room for almost a year every night. Sometimes he would wait until Selina fell asleep and went back to his own room, only to have her wake up in the middle of the night crying and running to Derek's. She was really scared and weak that time."

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