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   Chapter 305 The Warmth of Home (Part Three)

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Without noticing Cherry's expression, Derek continued, "Actually, Mond considers Jackson as the investor of the JS Group too. That's why he plans to defeat the JS Group."

"But if something indeed happened to the JS Group, Selina and you would..." Cherry didn't continue. She knew Derek understood Mond was against Jackson. If Derek and Selina became entangled in this, she would feel guilty.

Derek shook his head and said, "It's no problem. Don't worry about that! You know the family relationship between the Chu family and the Lu family. Jackson and I are very close. It's no big deal for us! Even If something happens, it is nothing but a monetary loss. We can afford it and as for me..." Derek paused for a moment and went on to say, "I believe in Selina's ability. For the past five years, she has gone from an inexperienced young lady to a powerful elite. I believe she could cope with everything. So we don't need to be worried."

After hearing Derek out, Cherry nodded. She thought Selina was perfectly capable. Unlike other bosses who worked as though under a great deal of pressure, Selina was always at ease and remained composure. It turned out she merely thought the company was invested by Jackson and she was working for him. So, she didn't bear too much pressure!

Derek took a deep breath, smiled and comforted Cherry, "Cherry, you really needn't worry about much. If there something happens Jackson and I will take care of it. You and Selina only need to live each day happy. Actually, Jackson loves you; you are the most important person in his eyes. Selina means as much to me. She is pure and innocent and I never want to see her depressed."

"I got it, " Cherry nodded as she answere

sleepy eyes, "Mommy, you and daddy are home."

"Yes, " Cherry sat on the edge of Joe's bed, tucking him in and gently said, "You sleep well."

"Okay. You and Daddy should rest too." Joe reminded her sweetly.

"We will." said Cherry as she caressed her son's face. She felt satisfied and happy with her son beside her. Her son was the fruit of her labors and all she valued.

Jackson walked into Joe's room quietly. Seeing Cherry sitting on his bed who was already back asleep, he whispered in Cherry's ear, "Let's go!"

Cherry got back up and walked out of Joe's room with Jackson.

After she went back to her room, Cherry went silent again. She got her pajamas and headed to the bathroom.

As Jackson removed his coat he heard the sound of water running in the bathroom. He knew she was taking a bath, so he picked a bath towel from the hanger and walked into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the mist from the hot water filled the small space.

"Jackson, what are you doing?"

"Taking a bath with you."

"Don't come over. Just wash yourself but don't get close."

"It's not up to you, Don't move! There's no escape!"

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