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   Chapter 303 The Warmth of Home (Part One)

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"I had been abroad for the past a few years until I met Mond and stayed with him. I intended to remain living abroad with him, but he wanted to return to start his business. So we came back." Jean explained with a reluctant smile.

Jean didn't want to talk what happened after her divorce with John. Those were painful memories and she didn't want more people to know. Luckily, only a few people knew about them.

"Oh, that's great!" said one woman.

"Jean, you are so lucky to know Mond. I heard he's a nice person. Seize the opportunity firmly, " another woman said.

"I will, " Jean said simperingly.

After chatting with the group of women for a moment more, Jean excused herself, telling them she needed to meet up with some friends and left.

After taking several steps, Jean noticed John standing not far off. She hadn't forgotten his thin figure and after all this time, he was still as thin as ever.

A surprised John saw Jean at the same time.

Jean thought a moment and decided to say hello, so she approached John and greeted him.

"Are you here all alone?" Jean asked calmly.

"Yes, " John nodded as he looked into Jean's eyes. He went quiet, not knowing what else to say. After a long silence, he asked, "When did you get back?"

"I've been back for some time, " Jean told him. He had become more mature and sensible since she saw him last time, and his attitude towards her had changed, it appeared.

"How have you been?" asked Jean. She hadn't expected to be able to be so calm in front of him, because of the past they shared. The marriage between them had become a thing of the past. While standing here with him again, there was n

wkward standing there quietly with John, so she smiled at him and said, "I'm going now, thank you. I will keep your advice in mind."

John nodded, but looking in Jean's eyes, he wasn't sure about her meaning.

Watching Jean leave, John's heartfelt hope was that she could change a little bit. If she was the same as she used to be, she would never be happy.

Cherry finally found Jackson. A crowd of people surrounded him, and she was too uncomfortable to walk over and stand beside him.

Derek wasn't far away and saw Cherry. He walked over to her.

He was surprised to see Cherry standing alone off to the side. He asked her bluntly, "Cherry, why are you standing here alone? Where is Jackson?"

He followed Cherry's gaze and saw Jackson surrounded by a crowd.

"Cherry, let me get Jackson for you." Saying that, Derek was about to walk toward the crowd, but Cherry stopped him.

Cherry grabbed him by the arm and asked, "No, let him be. Do you have a minute? I would like to talk to you."

Derek was confused, but nodded in agreement, because he could tell Cherry had something on her mind.

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