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   Chapter 301 Friend's Happiness (Part One)

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At Jean's words, Cherry sadly said, "Jean, you are not."

Jean asked, "Cherry, tell me what you think? At our ages, shouldn't we understand everything?"

Jean held back tears. She didn't want Cherry to see her cry.

Cherry ignored Jean's question when she thought of something and instead asked, "Then, why are you with Mond?"

At the mention of Mond, Jean smiled and asked in a light tone, "Do you know when I met Mond?"

Cherry shook her head.

"I met him when I was helpless. He was the one who assisted me and got me out of that dirty place."

Cherry seemed to understand and asked, "So where did you go after that?"

Jean had a far-off look in her eyes. In a quiet voice, she related her story, "To another country. I lived a quiet and happy life there. Mond arranged for me to live at his friend's house and gave me a monthly stipend. When I got there, I didn't know anyone, so, I started a completely new life."

Cherry was confused, "Then why did you come back? Wouldn't this city remind of your awful memories?"

Jean turned to look at Cherry and said, "Because Jackson and you are also here. I want my revenge."

Jean almost ground her teeth as she finished her sentence.

Jean didn't tell Cherry the real reason she came back was that she couldn't say no to orders from Mond. She had to do what Mond told her to do. She had returned to fulfill Mond's plans, not for revenge.

Cherry couldn't help shivering when she heard Jean admit she wanted revenge.

Cherry asked, "Do you hate Jackson?"

Jean stared into Cherry's eyes and said, "Yes. I hate you too. I hate you both, and your baby boy!"

After Jean finished talking, Cherry immediately said, "Don't hurt Joe. My dear sister, please don't hurt him."

Jean saw the panic and fear on Cherry's face. She was a little jealous that Cherry was able to protect her son, because Jean didn't have a child, nor a chance to have one. She wanted someone to protect, but she had nobody. Who on earth could she safeguard?

Jean wanted to cry when she thought of Joe and that kid, which was the greatest pain in her life.

"Get lost!" All of the sudden Jean screeched and turned her back to Cherry.

Cherry impulsively called out to her, "Jean, please stop!"

"Get the hell away from me!" Jean shouted again.

Cherry realized her sister was in a bad mood and didn't dare say anything else. Besides, she had gotten the information she wanted. She was quite re

k everyone Jackson knows grew up in the same military residential compound?"

Noticing how angry Mond got, Cherry quickly explained, "No, no. That's not what I meant."

She added, "Mr. Mond, I'm so sorry."

Mond stated indignantly, "Cherry Shen, I think I need to make clear one thing for you. There is hatred between Jackson and me."

Cherry questioned, "Hatred?" She was completely lost.

Mond gazed into Cherry's eyes and slowly asked, "Do you think Jackson has always been the king of this city and no one is able to resist him? But I won't allow him to be the city king. All his property and rights will be ruined by me without mercy!"

Cherry asked, "Why? Why do you hate him?" She thought that Mond's words were possibly credible, because he hadn't hidden anything from her as they spoke to each other.

Mond stared at Cherry and said, "We were born enemies, just like you and Jean."

"Born?" Cherry was confused even more. She thought to herself, 'I am certain Jackson is Andrew's only grandson, but what did Mond mean by saying that he and Jackson were just like Jean and me? Jean has bullied me since I was a little girl. Has Jackson bullied Mond? I have no idea what Mond's family background is, but Jackson's family is unparalleled in this city. So Jackson might have teased Mond, just like Jean has done to me.'

Cherry continued examining what she knew silently, 'It is possible that Mond grew up in the military residential compound since he knows Stephen, who was born and grew up on the compound. Mond said that he hated Jackson, so maybe he was bullied by Jackson or he was jealous of Jackson.'

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