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   Chapter 299 I Am The Loser (Part One)

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Jackson looked at Cherry with surprise and was at a complete loss for words.

Cherry pushed Jackson away slowly. After a long silence, she turned and walked out of the room, because Jackson didn't reply.

Cherry felt a numbness in her heart as she walked through the laughing crowds celebrating at the party, wondering, how many people there wore masks and hid?

Suddenly, Cherry heard someone shouting, "Here comes Mond! Here comes Mond!"

Cherry couldn't help but stop walking as she wondered, 'Mond Xu, the mysterious CEO of the ZM Group. Who on Earth is he?'

She looked to where the voice had carried from and along with everyone saw Jean and Mond walking with Jean on Mond's arm. Jean smiled when she noticed a pair of green eyes watching her.

Mond was quite calm next to Jean. Someone greeted him, and he nodded in return. He didn't see the person he wanted there, which was the purpose for his visit tonight. Where was he?

Jackson walked up and stood beside Cherry, quietly, as she was looking at the crowd.

"Is that Mond Xu?" Cherry asked when she saw Jackson beside her. Although Cherry could see the man in red in the distance, she didn't recognize him. She knew instinctively he must be Mond because his presence was different from others and was as strong as Jackson's.

Jackson didn't respond to her question as he stared at Mond, who looked like a golden haired cherub in a red suit.

Mond was looking through the crowd trying to see Jackson, but he didn't see him.

Suddenly, the two familiar figures, not far off, caught his attention.

Mond turned to Jean next to him, and in a cold but gentle voice, "Come with me."

"Okay." Jean replied with a delighted and graceful smile, which made her look so pretty to others.

Mond and Jean headed slowly over to Jackson and Cherry.

When Cherry saw the two coming closer to them, she couldn't help staring at Jean. Why would she be here, at the party?

"Jean!" Cherry called out, greeting Jean. She felt compelled to step forward until she was in front of Jean.

Jackson followed Cherry as she walked toward the couple and stood at her side.

Jean glimpsed over at Jackson before turning her attention to Cherry.

"Jean, why are you here?" Cherry asked with concern in her voice. She had been looking for Jean, but she hadn't seen her. She had no idea Jean would be at the party, and yet, here Jean was, looking stunning as always, an

o follow because he feared what Cherry might come across accidentally.

"What? You want to meddle in issues between women?" Mond asked, his tone full of venom. Hatred showed in his eyes.

Jackson controlled himself and didn't follow Cherry and instead turned to Mond, "Are you at the party to improve your reputation?"

Mond suddenly smiled gently as he told Jackson, "Indeed and I believe that I have done just that, didn't I?"

"Did the ZM Group aim for me as well?" Jackson inquired.

"Don't you think you are uttering nonsense?" Mond became emotional and gave Jackson a malicious look, "You know what I want, don't you?"

"You have prepared for a long time to beat me and even enlisted Sally as your tool, didn't you?" Jackson probed, realizing he had looked down on Mond. He had thought Sally would live as he had planned, but the fact was, he had underestimated Mond, who had been with Sally all these years.

"Jackson Chu, have I beaten you?" Mond sneered cruelly at Jackson saying, "You rebelled against everyone and saved Sally at the risk of the entire Chu Family, costing the lives of others, but you never expected me to own her life. What do you think about it? Do you feel good?"

"Don't hurt her, she is still innocent and pure." Jackson may not love Sally any more, but, he believed he should protect her, after all, he had risked many to save her.

Mond furiously asked, "Jackson Chu, you still love Sally, don't you? That's why you abuse your wife."

"Shut up." Jackson retorted, "Sally and I are done."

"Then why did you slap Cherry?" Mond really cared and wanted to know why.

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