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   Chapter 296 Love Is With A Cost (Part One)

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Derek saw Jackson looking towards the other side, so he looked over there too, and the expression on his face became cold.

"Good evening, everyone!" said Sally, smiling as she walked towards them, clutching the crook of Stephen's arm.

Stephen, watched Cherry, as he stepped closer.

"Why are you here?" Selina was astonished when she saw sally, thus she asked in shock. She thought Sally wasn't qualified to attend this sort of occasion.

"Why shouldn't I be here? Do you think you are the only one qualified to be here? Do you think that highly of yourself?" Sally had a scornful look as she retorted.

Selina sneered at Sally's words and asked, "Then please, tell me why you are here? Are you Stephen's companion?"

After Selina finished speaking, Cherry glanced at Stephen and met his eyes.

Stephen immediately explained, "Cherry, don't be concerned, she's just my temporary companion."

Hearing Stephen jumping to explain Sally to Cherry made Jackson's blood boil. It was obvious Stephen cared about what Cherry thought about him, and he hadn't taken his eyes off her since they arrived.

Jackson impulsively dragged Cherry into his arms and stared at Stephen furiously without saying a word.

Jackson's sudden act saddened Sally. She looked at Jackson with love in her eyes, and asked, "Jackson, do you have to be so obvious with your affections in front of me?"

"She's my wife! Why shouldn't I give her my affections?" Jackson stated coldly.

Sally thought Jackson was angry because she was holding Stephen's arm, and that he was doing it to purposely irritate her. So, she pulled her hand from Stephen's arm and stepped closer to Jackson. Standing beside him, she pulled his coat-tail with her hand, and said, "Jackson, you're angry with me, aren't you? Stephen's just my temporary companion. We're just friends, really."

Jackson continued to glare at Stephen, and with

You want me to tell you out here?"

She looked around intentionally as she finished, knowing that Jackson would understand her meaning.

Jackson thought for a while, and then turned and headed towards a nearby building.

Sally watched him walk away for only a second before she followed him.

In the dark corner of the corridor in building's first floor, they stopped, and Sally stepped closer to Jackson, wrapping arms around his neck. She stared into his handsome face, and said pouting, "Jackson, why must you stay with that woman? Shouldn't we be together forever? Can't you drive her away?"

Jackson turned away, refusing to look at her, and said, "I've already told you, she's my wife, and I'll spend the rest of my life with her."

"What am I to you then? What am I to you?" Sally wanted to know. She looked at Jackson with an anguished face, thinking, 'Is it true, there is no place for me in his heart now? Does he really have no feelings for me any more?'

Jackson mulled his thoughts over before telling her sternly, "I will hate you if you don't leave me now."

"I won't do it! I won't leave as you wish!" Sally's voice was full of strong emotion, "It breaks my heart that you say you don't love me! Now you're saying that you'll hate me!"

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