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   Chapter 294 Perfect Match (Part Two)

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John walked up to Cherry, and stared at her for a moment. He then turned his eyes to Jackson, and politely greeted him, "Hi, Uncle Jackson."

When Jackson saw John, he turned to look at Cherry. He did feel a little uncomfortable when John called her from the other side earlier, but now he could see that there wasn't any emotion reflected in John's eyes. 'He doesn't love her, right?' thought Jackson.

"Hi, John, " replied Jackson.

As he looked at Cherry, John asked, "When did you arrive?"

"Just earlier. What about you?" asked Cherry.

"Me too. I saw you and Uncle Jackson standing here, so I came to greet you, " said John, with his voice as casual and calm as usual.

After he finished, he asked again, "What about Joe? Did he get high marks at school?"

Cherry nodded, and replied, "Yes, he has been studying hard and has got high marks recently."

"Well, then I'm very happy for him! I'll come and see him when I'm free, " said John. Although something unpleasant had happened the last time he met him, John pretty much liked the little boy. After all, he was Cherry's son, and there was no way that he could hate him. What's more, Joe was an adorable cute boy that you couldn't help yourself but like at first sight.

As she looked at John, Cherry gave a little smile, and said, "Okay, and you're always welcome there; you know that, right?"

After he heard their conversation, Jackson flashed a scornful smile. He was almost angry, but he tried his best to suppress it. Cherry was still mad at him, and he didn't want to make the situation worse.

As he looked at Cherry, John said, "You look thinner than before. If Uncle Jackson is busy working, you need to take care of yourself on your own. Please have your meals on time and eat more, or I'll start to worry about you."

But Cherry wasn't moved by his words at all. She calmly nodded to him, and said, "Thank you, I will."

Stuck in the awkward conversation, John also didn't know what to say next. After so many years, there was no longer any love or affection between Cherry and him. Their old days were long gone, and everything had changed. She used

ends over there, and we chatted for a while. I completely lost track of time and forgot about it, " said Wilson as he patted Cherry's shoulder. He continued to say in his gentle voice, "There, there, little child, it was all my fault. But you have Jackson with you, right?"

"No, I don't! There are always people coming to greet him, you know, and it's more than boring, " complained Cherry.

After he heard her complaint, Jackson felt a little happy instead of getting angry. His wife acting like a child made him love her even more.

Wilson then turned to look at Jackson, gave him a little smile, and then said to Cherry, "Men always have to face that in this kind of events. You need to get used to it."

After he finished, Wilson looked around for a moment, and asked, "That girl, Selina, isn't she with you all the time? Why isn't she here today?"

When she heard Wilson ask about Selina, Cherry was very pleased, but she didn't show it. As she looked at Wilson, she asked, "Wilson, do you miss her?"

"Of course not, " quickly denied Wilson, with his face flushing red in an instant. "What are you talking about? I just thought that you two were always together, and I was just wondering why she wasn't here today. There's nothing else, okay?"

However, Cherry didn't believe his quick answer at all, and continued to ask, "Wilson, there's no need to pretend, okay? Seriously, what do you think of Selina?"

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