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   Chapter 293 Perfect Match (Part One)

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When they arrived at the party's location, Jackson and Cherry got out of the car, while Derek and Selina were already walking towards them.

Standing next to Jackson, Derek took a peek inside, and said, "It seems there aren't so many people inside."

"Maybe most of them haven't arrived yet? Every time there's a party, some people will be late, right?" said Selina.

Jackson and Cherry were silent, and didn't talk to neither Derek or Selina.

Derek and Selina looked at each other for a moment and felt that something was odd. Were they still having a lover's quarrel? Shouldn't have they made up already?

"Jackson, Cherry, come on, let's go inside, " said Selina.

"Yes, let's go inside. I don't think it's appropriate to stand at the door for so much time, " said Derek, echoing Selina's words.

As she looked at Selina, Cherry slightly nodded, and said, "Okay, let's go in."

After she said that, Cherry reached out to hold Jackson's arms. She knew that it was what she had to do as Jackson's wife when she was present at such events. Even if she was still mad at him, she had to pretend that they were going along very well. She had to put on a mask to hide herself from everyone around her, and to pretend to be a friendly and hospitable woman, Jackson's ideal wife.

Jackson said nothing when he saw that Cherry had taken the initiative to hold his arm.

As sensible as Derek and Selina were, they also quickly took action. After Selina cheerfully strode towards Derek and held his arms, they walked inside together, with Jackson and Cherry entering behind them.

As soon as they stepped through the door, Cherry caught everyone's attention. All men stared at her without looking away not even for one second, while every woman seemed to be in the grips of the green eyed monster.

"Mr. Jackson's wife is so beautiful, " said one man.

"Yes, just look at her face and figure! Both are just perfect, " said another man.

"Only a successful man like Mr. Jackson could have such a beautiful wife, " they concluded.

Not far away from them, a group of women were also discussing about her, obviously jealous on her beauty.

"She's caught everyone's eyes! I bought my evenin

friends, aren't they? They've grown up in such a rich family, so it's natural to meet with friends and acquaintances at a party like this.'

Jackson felt the shift in Cherry's mood, and with his face close to her ear asked her, "What's wrong?"

When Cherry sensed that he was coming close to her, Cherry immediately backed away from him a few small steps. She shook her head, and said, "Nothing."

"If you think it's boring, let's just go home, " said Jackson. He wanted to do everything according to Cherry's wish, and to give her anything that she wanted. From the way she backed away from him, he could see that she was still very mad at him.

Cherry shook her head, and calmly said, "It's alright; all these people have come to greet you anyway. Even if we leave now, we'll still stumble into them."

She then looked away from him and stared at the big pool. There were lights in different colors reflected on it, which was very beautiful.

She suddenly heard someone calling her from not far away, "Cherry!"

Cherry was a little surprised. She didn't think that she could have friends who would show up at this kind of party, so she was wondering who it could be.

When she turned around and saw the familiar figure, she eventually recognized the man who had called her name. At that moment, she realized that she hadn't seen him for a long time, and that he looked thinner than he had been before. What had happened to him? Was he sick these days?

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