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   Chapter 291 Before The Party (Part Two)

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"Cherry, the party will start soon. I've brought for you and Jackson the the evening dress and tux. Quick, go and change into them together with Jackson in the hotel and I'll help you with the makeup after. Then we can go straight to the party, " said Selina quickly.

"Selina..." but before Cherry could finish what she wanted to say, she was interrupted by Andrew.

"Well, hurry up, you heard her! You'd better go and change your clothes now, the butler will take good care of me, don't worry, " said Andrew.

Jackson then looked into his Grandpa's eyes and knew what was his first priority. He had no other choice but to listen to his grandfather's words.

He then replied to him with a nod.

Derek didn't say a word until he saw that Jackson agreed to go. He then said to Andrew, "Well, Grandpa, we're leaving now, but we'll be back to see you as soon as the party is over."

"No, no! You don't need to come back here again. I'll only sleep here for one night, and will come back home tomorrow morning. I really can't stand the smell of disinfectant in here anyway, and it's better for me to stay at home, " said Andrew while smiling.

"Okay. I'll come to pick you up tomorrow morning then, " said Jackson.

"Alright, alright. Hurry up now!" said Andrew, as he waved his hand to them gesturing to leave already.

The moment the four got out of the ward, an irritated expression immediately appeared on Selina's face.

She then turned to Derek, and said, "Derek, you drive to the hotel by yourself. I'll take Cherry's car instead of yours."

Judging from her tone, Derek could clearly notice that there was something wrong with Selina. He looked at her puzzled, and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just don't want to take your car, " said Selina, as she held Cherry's arm. She then said to her, "Come on, Cherry, let's go."

Cherry didn't comment on any of it. She just smiled at Selina, and went together with her.

Jackson kept silent and just quietly walked ahead.

As soon as they arrived in the hotel room, Jackson went to chan

w what kind of man would hit his own wife that hard; I really can't understand one thing: what the hell was he thinking about?" and with these words, Selina turned her head sideways and avoided looking at Jackson. She couldn't stop scolding him for the horrible thing that he had done.

Jackson wanted to speak up for himself, and he really wanted to tell Selina that he had a row with Cherry because of some things that concerned Mond. That was the reason why he had lost control over himself and had hit Cherry, but he couldn't tell her that, because Selina didn't know that he already knew Mond. He was afraid that if Selina found out about this she would try to learn more about it soon, and that might pose a danger. Both Cherry and Selina meant a lot to him, because one of them was his beloved wife, and the other one was his sister; he had to keep both of them out of harm's way.

The whole room was in a dread silence before Cherry finally came out of the bedroom dressed in her evening dress. When the three people in the living room heard the door open, all of them immediately turned their heads around to look at Cherry.

Jackson was fascinated by Cherry as soon as he saw her. She was charming and perfect in his eyes; he proudly thought to himself, 'This is my woman! She is the most beautiful woman in the world, with a beauty beyond any kid of comparison!'

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