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   Chapter 289 Rush To The Hospital (Part Three)

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Standing in front of the bedroom, Cherry's mind was filled with Jackson's resentful look from earlier. He hated her very much. He didn't love her, and he even hated her, but what about Grandpa Andrew, how could he had fallen on the ground unconscious? Was it because he had heard the argument between Jackson and her? Or because he had heard the name "Mond"?

Cherry was even more confused in her heart, but she knew that this wasn't the right time to think about that. 'Grandpa Andrew fainted. Did Jackson take him to the hospital? Will he be okay? Nothing bad will happen to him, right?' she wondered.

Cherry didn't dare to think about it anymore, because Andrew had treated her very well in the past days. How could she stay at home and act as nothing had ever even happened?

Cherry immediately ran into the bedroom, grabbed a coat, and then strode downstairs.

Lily was standing in the doorway anxiously, unaware of what to do next.

When she saw that Lily was standing in the door, Cherry quickly told to her, "Lily, you stay at home and wait for Bill to bring Joe back from school. Just cook for Joe as usual and don't tell him anything about what happened to Grandpa Andrew. Okay?"

"Okay, okay, " immediately replied Lily, with her hands trembling. "Will Mr. Andrew be alright?" she asked.

"I'll now go to the hospital and check on him. Don't worry about that, just take good care of Joe here at home, " said Cherry, and then got out of the house.

"I know, but Mrs. Cherry, please drive carefully, " said Lily with concern, as she watched Cherry drive away from the house.

Cherry drove to the nearby hospital, and in front of the emergency ward, she saw both Jackson and the Butler standing there. She then walked up to them.

Jackson knew that Cherry had arrived, but he didn't look at her for one moment. He just sat on the bench, wit

also don't know what happened at the hospital, " said Lily, also very worried.

"Who's at the hospital now?" asked Selina calmly, while thinking how to deal with the problem best. The party was soon to start, and she had expected that this kind of accident would happen.

"Both Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Cherry have gone to the hospital, and so did the Butler, " replied Lily.

An idea then suddenly occurred into Selina's mind; she said to the maid, "Lily, bring my brother and my sister's clothes for the party to me."

With these words, Selina turned her eyes to Derek, and said, "Brother, call the hotel next to the party and order a room first; I'll go back and grab my cosmetic bag now. After Lily brings you the clothes, take them back to your car and wait for me there, we'll go to the hospital first."

"Okay, no problem, " said Derek.

Selina immediately got out of the Chu house and ran back to her own. After she grabbed the cosmetics bag from the table, she turned around and went back to Derek's car.

While he was standing in the living room, Derek saw Lily come downstairs with several big bags in hands, which contained clothes and shoes. He immediately took the bags from her and went outside to the car with them.

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