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   Chapter 288 Rush To The Hospital (Part Two)

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"Only if you tell me what's your relationship with Mond! And how does Grandpa also know him?" said Cherry, more determined than ever to find out what had actually happened. She had to know the truth, although she didn't know the exact reason why she was so anxious to do that. There was an impulse in her heart that encouraged her, and she believed that all of her questions would be answered if Jackson just told her everything.

"Don't force me to get mad at you, " said Jackson, trying to suppress his indignation. It appeared that he didn't know how to answer Cherry's question. He wasn't intending to answer her questions now and neither in the future, because what Cherry want to know was a taboo over his whole entire life.

Cherry felt a bit helpless because of Jackson's reaction. He was avoiding her question and was soon going to blow mad at her!

The argument between them stopped.

Staring at Cherry, who was standing in front of him, Jackson finally decided to control himself and keep his wits. He then softly said to Cherry, "Baby, trust me, I concealed all of these things from you for your own good. You don't have to know everything, and living your present life okay is enough for you."

"My present life?" Cherry then looked up at Jackson and bared her soul to him, "Do you think my present life is okay?" I know nothing about you, Sally, my sister and this other man called Mond! I know nothing at all about you! I'm living in fear, and I'm afraid that some accident will happen to our son! I'm afraid that if something bad happens to him, I won't know how to deal with it because I don't know anything!"

Jackson quietly looked at Cherry without speaking a word.

After she paused for a while, Cherry continued to say, "Jackson, I really have a feeling that I've just been like an idiot. I've been at your side for so much time already as your wife, but you are always reluctant to tell me anything about your past. Is it so precious and secret that you can only keep it buried deep down inside your heart? Or it is


Jackson almost lost his mind when he saw that his Grandpa was lying unconsciously on the floor in the corridor. He walked quickly to him and crouched down, and as he slowly held his Grandpa's head into his hands, he cried, "Grandpa, Grandpa!"

Panicked, the Butler explained to Jackson, "I saw Mr. Andrew lying on the floor when I came upstairs."

It then suddenly occurred to Jackson that his Grandpa must have heard his conversation with Cherry. He must have heard Mond's name, or otherwise he wouldn't have fainted.

Jackson caught sight of Cherry, who was standing in the door of their bedroom. If it hadn't been for her, his Grandpa wouldn't have fainted.

Jackson glared at Cherry, with his eyes filled with hatred. One of his most precious people was his Grandpa, the one he respected most, and the other one was his favorite woman. Both of them were indispensable to him, but now his Grandpa was old, and suffered from poor health problems. How could Jackson withstand something like this happening to him?

"Jackson, drive your Grandpa to the hospital quickly!" said the Butler next to Jackson.

The Butler's words made Jackson recover from his deep thoughts. He immediately lifted Andrew and went downstairs.

The Butler then looked at Cherry and didn't know what to say. He turned around and went downstairs in Jackson's trail.

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