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   Chapter 287 Rush To The Hospital (Part One)

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When Jackson came back home, he looked around the living room but found no one in it. He saw only Lily, who was busy in the kitchen.

Noticing that Jackson had returned, Lily immediately greeted him respectfully, "Mr. Jackson, you're back home!"

"Yes. Where is my Grandfather?" asked Jackson.

"He's in the study now, " answered Lily, obedient.

Jackson nodded to her, and then continued to ask her, "Has Cherry come back?"

"Yes, Mrs. Cherry might be in your room now, " answered Lily. She had been too busy, and she wasn't sure whether Cherry had finally gone downstairs or not.

Jackson then didn't say anything else and just walked directly upstairs.

After he opened the door of their room, Jackson saw that Cherry was sitting on one side of the bed. He smiled, and his heart filled with joy when he saw her. He then walked inside the room and walked closer to her.

"When did you come back?" asked Jackson, as he sat beside Cherry, putting his arm around her shoulders.

But Cherry pushed his arm away, and refused to let Jackson touch her. She then said, "I came back at three o'clock."

Jackson was surprised by Cherry's reaction, and wondered in his mind, 'What happened?'

"Baby, what's wrong?" asked Jackson tenderly.

Cherry kept staring in front of her and continued to pay no attention to Jackson at all. She was lost in her thoughts about the receipt she had happened to stumble upon in the study.

When he saw that Cherry didn't answer his question, Jackson started to become puzzled. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.

Jackson tried to put his hand on Cherry's shoulders again, and in a soft voice questioned her, "Tell me, what happened?"

To his astonishment, as soon as he touched her body, Cherry shook his hand off again and cried, "Don't!"

After she said this, she immediately stood up and walked away from Jackson.

Jackson also rose to his feet, flabbergasted and speechless, and stared at Cherry who was at a few paces away from him.

Cherry now paid attention to Jackson, but she was the one who was doing the inquiring. "You've known Mond for a long time, haven't you?"

What Cherry said sh

omething about him, but I would have never expected that you would know him, and that our Grandpa would also be acquainted with him! If I'm right, Derek also knows him, correct? Selina and I, the two stupid women, have been kept away from the truth and left in the dark all along."

"If it's possible, I hope that you will never have the chance to know him all your life, " said Jackson in a commanding tone. He really hoped that Cherry would never know anything about Mond, because his appearance would definitely destroy his peaceful life and bring it into a nightmare. He was terrified that one day he would lose Cherry.

"Life is pretty long, and what right do you have to decide who I will meet and know next?" argued Cherry. Actually, she wasn't interested in this at all, because it was meaningless for her to know who Mond was, and she would always pick family first instead of work, if she ever had to choose between one of them. What annoyed her the most was that Jackson had never told the truth to her, and she couldn't help but suspect if Jackson had actually treated her as his wife in his heart or not.

"Cherry, if I tell you that you are not allowed to know him, then you must follow my words and keep away from him, " said Jackson, with a serious and determined look on his face. He wanted to take care of his woman as best as possible, and that implied that he would never let her get too close to any dangerous people.

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