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   Chapter 285 Get Out Of My Villa (Part Two)

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"Okay, " said Cherry, still keeping her calm while she was speaking to Andrew. She was still thinking about the receipt she had just seen in the study, and she wondered, 'Should I ask Grandpa about it? If I ask him, I'm not sure that he'll tell me the truth, and I don't even dare to imagine the consequences. What I really care about is why Jackson didn't tell me any of this. Why didn't he tell me that he knew Mond?'

Since Andrew had fallen silent, Cherry continued to say, "Grandpa, I'll go upstairs now."

"Okay, go and rest before Jackson comes back, " said Andrew, while nodding his head.


Cherry then went upstairs back to the bedroom, closed the door behind her, and then nervously leaned against the back of it. She suddenly felt a little scared in her mind, and thought, 'How many secrets does this family have? Are my son and I safe living here?'

Cherry suddenly remembered that his son had told her that Jackson had sent someone to protect him. Now when she thought about it again, Cherry knew that Jackson knew something. Jackson hadn't told her anything, although he knew that Mond was around them and that he was so worried about his son.

Cherry then slowly walked to the bed, sat down on it and silently stared ahead of her. Sally was in the city, her sister Jean had also come back, and Mond, whom she didn't know, was also in the city. Cherry wondered how many other things she didn't know. Whom could she trust? Was it actually true that she couldn't trust anyone except John, as Stephen had told her? Not even Jackson?

Jackson and Derek were in their military uniforms in their office. The atmosphere there was quiet, and they were both pondering ab

He still cared about his nephew, and although he had used to have some conflicts with him, he had still grown up with him nonetheless all. John had been obeying his orders ever since childhood, so Jackson didn't hate him now.

"Yeah, I wonder how he will be like when he meets his ex-wife, " said Derek. He then sighed, and continued to say, "Fortunately, John doesn't know anything about Mond, but if he finds out something, he might tell it to Cherry."

"If he dares to utter even half of a word, I'll kill him, " said Jackson. He stared blankly ahead, and continued to say, "I wanted to seal his mouth for good when he found out what had happened to the He and An Family. If he dares to say anything, I won't let him go so easily."

In his heart, Jackson only wanted to protect Cherry, and if anyone ever dared to say anything to her, he would make them personally suffer.

"Jackson, don't be angry, John wouldn't say anything to her. You're his uncle, he knows what to do. He knows that Cherry will be in danger if he says anything. Do you think he wants to put Cherry in danger?" Derek tried to persuade Jackson.

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