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   Chapter 283 Strolling Under The Starry Sky (Part Three)

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Cherry then came closer to Jackson and softly laid on his lap while she was tightly embraced by him. She then turned around and looked at the computer, and it just displayed the stock market exchanges.

Jackson lowered his head and looked at Cherry, and then asked, "How were things in the company today? Are you tired?"

"No, not so tired. I just helped Selina deal with some trivial matters because she had to meet with several foreign friends of hers. Then I went to see a customer and signed the contract with him in the afternoon, " replied Cherry.

Jackson thought, 'Selina started dealing overseas business in such a short time! It seems that the little girl's ability is immeasurable!'

"That's good! Just don't get too tired, or I'll feel sad for you!" said Jackson, with his head close to Cherry's ear.

Cherry smiled, and said, "I'm not tired at all. How could I ever get tired in such a relaxing position?"

Jackson didn't say a word, and instead affectionately kissed Cherry's ear.

"By the way, why did Grandpa go to the neighbor to play chess in such a late hour?" suddenly asked Cherry.

Jackson tenderly replied, "He has nothing to do at home and always feels bored, so it's good for him to spend some time with his old friends. We're too busy to have time for him, but he may have fun when he stays or chats with those of his age."

Cherry nodded, and said, "Okay, I was just wondering why I didn't see anyone around the house except Joe after I got back home."

"What about me? Whose arms do you think you're in?" Jackson's eyes were burning when he looked at Cherry, and he always couldn't help himself approaching her when he was with her alone.

Cherry then slightly pushed him away when she saw that he was getting closer to her. She said, "Come on, sto

in his words, because he knew that Mond was in the city and that Sally and Stephen were also around him. How could he possibly put his mind at rest with those three characters around him, especially with Mond?

Jackson then thought about his Grandpa, and he knew that he was relying on his drugs to keep him alive. Although Andrew had always tried to conceal that information from him, Jackson had already found out about it when he saw the medicine in his Grandpa's bedside table drawer. What was he to do if his Grandpa passed away one day? Would he lose his mind? Would he cry out hysterically? His Grandpa was his closest relative, excepting Cherry and Joe. He didn't want his closest relative to leave him one day, and he wanted to stay with him forever, but how could he control matters such as birth, death, illness and old age?

Cherry stayed at Jackson's chest and felt the warmth of his arms, while also feeling the atmosphere of the night. She just wanted to stand still and embrace her favorite person under the starry sky above her.

After some time, Jackson thought that it was getting late, so he said to Cherry, "Let's go back home, it's late."

"Okay, " replied Cherry.

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