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   Chapter 282 Strolling Under The Starry Sky (Part Two)

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Cherry looked deep in Harrison's eyes and was eager to hear his answer.

Harrison rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and then said, "I remember something."

"Dad, could you tell me about that? What exactly happened that year?" asked Cherry, with eager anticipation reflected in her eyes. She had finally found someone who could tell her about what had actually happened in the past.

"The military circle seemed to be in chaos at that time. It was said that the He Family or the An Family had revealed a military secret, and that several people were to be executed. I didn't know exactly what was going on, because this was a matter of the military, and many of us civilians didn't know anything about it at all. Anyway, some people died during that time, and the Chu Family sent a lot of people to surround the whole city. During that time, there were people sent by the Chu Family at all transportation ports, but I didn't know whether they were looking for someone or doing something else. Everything lasted for a month or two, and then gradually calmed down, " said Harrison. He could only recall the memory roughly, because many years had passed since that event had happened, and the information was also restricted to spread out of the military circle at that time. He had only heard something of it from his friends.

Cherry was shocked by the news, and she thought, 'Some people died at that time? Was it related to the Chu Family?'

She suddenly remembered what Sally had told her the last time they had met, that Jackson had several murders on him, and Cherry wondered if they were somehow related to the things that happened in that year.

Cherry didn't dare to think any further, because she was afraid that the more she thought about it, the more frightened she would be.

Harrison noticed Cherry's sudden change, and hastily asked, "Cherry, are you alright?"

Cherry immediately snapped

plied Joe with a big smile on his face.

"Yes, I am!" replied Cherry. She then touched her son's head, and as she looked around, she asked him, "Where are your Great-Grandpa and your Daddy?"

"Great-Grandpa is playing chess at a neighbor's house and Daddy's upstairs, " said Joe, with his eyes focused on the cartoons from the TV.

"Okay. Don't forget to do your homework after you finish watching TV; I'll go upstairs now, okay?" asked Cherry.

"Yes, Mommy, I will do my homework after dinner."

Cherry then went upstairs, and just when she was about to enter the bedroom, she saw that the light from the study was on. She stopped for a moment, and thought, 'Maybe Jackson is in the study.'

After Cherry walked to the study and stood in the door she saw that Jackson was sitting at his desk and looking at his computer; it seemed that he was looking for something.

Jackson noticed the figure standing in the doorway from the corner of his eye and then looked at Cherry.

She then walked in. "What are you doing here?" gently asked Cherry.

Jackson lifted his hands up from the computer's keyboard and gestured a hug, indicating that he wanted Cherry to come to his arms.

"Nothing important, I was just looking at the stock market, " said Jackson.

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