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   Chapter 281 Strolling Under The Starry Sky (Part One)

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Cherry's phone rang while she was on her way back to the JS Group.

Cherry took out the phone and saw that the number was unknown. She hesitated for a moment and debated with herself what to do, but she eventually decided to answer it.

"Hello, this is Cherry speaking!"

"Cherry, it's me!"

When Cherry immediately recognized her father's voice, she cried in the phone surprised, "Daddy!"

"Cherry, you got a minute? I want to see you right now, " said Harrison.

Cherry thought for a moment while she was driving, and then replied, "I do. Where are you now? Where do you want us to meet?"

"How about the teahouse? I'll text the address to you, " replied Harrison.


After she hung up, Cherry checked the time on her phone. If she went back to the JS Group before she met Harrison, then she'll be running late, so she decided that it would be better to drive and meet Harrison first.

Cherry arrived at the teahouse according to the address sent to her by Harrison.

After Cherry walked inside, she saw that Harrison was sitting in a corner and she walked towards him.

"Cherry, you're here!" said Harrison.

"Yes!" said Cherry, as she sat opposite to Harrison.

The waiter then served two cups of tea to them.

Cherry took a sip of tea, and as she looked at Harrison, asked, "Dad, why did you call me? Is there something wrong?"

"Well, nothing important, it's just that I haven't seen you for such a long time and I happened to have some free time today. I wanted to have a small talk with you, so I called you out, " replied Harrison.

Cherry then gave Harrison a quick nod of acknowledgement, and thought that she also had the opportunity to ask him some questions.

"Dad, how are you these days? Are you okay?" asked Cherry with concern.

Harrison nodded to her, and said, "I'm fine. I opened a convenience store with the money you gave me last time, and it's actually doing okay."

"That's great! Dad, do you have an

ow could he be an innocent person? He had to be stained, more or less.

"Dad, can you tell me more about it? Did he do anything or hurt anybody at that time?" That was what she really wanted to know, thought Cherry, and if she knew what Andrew had done, she then might have a chance to know what Jackson had also done. She wanted to know everything about her husband.

Harrison thought for some time, and then said, "I'm not really sure about what he's done, but there should be a few people who've been hurt by him in the past. I don't know any of the details, and although the Shen Group used to be quite respected in this city, there was no connection between it and the Chu Family. The Chu Family's social circle is only related to the elite people of the city, who aren't willing to interact with the middle class."

Cherry thought about her Dad's words and kept silent. She more or less knew about the Chu Family's social circle, and because they were associated exclusively with the upper class, many people didn't have the chance to get involved with them.

Cherry then suddenly looked at Harrison, and asked, "Dad, do you know what happened in that year? I heard that something happened when Jackson was a child, something related to the An Family and the He Family in the residential compound."

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