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   Chapter 278 The Fish Got Hooked (Part One)

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In the evening, the Chu family was having their dinner together in the family residence. Joe was enjoying his food in front of the table without saying a word. But he was thinking whether to tell his Mommy about what had happened earlier in the afternoon or not.

Cherry and Jackson were both busy eating while also occasionally chatting with Andrew, so they didn't notice any difference in their son's behavior.

After dinner, Joe finally decided to talk with his Mommy about the doubts he had in his heart. He wanted to make things clear, and when he saw that his Mommy and Daddy were walking towards the balcony, Joe hastily walked in front of his mother, and said,"Mommy, I want you to help me do my homework! There are some questions that I don't know how to answer."

Cherry was a little surprised to hear that. This was the first time that Joe had taken the initiative to ask her to help him with his homework.

Cherry took a look at Jackson and then turned to her son and asked,"Do you have a lot of homework today?"

Joe looked into his Mommy's eyes and nodded.

Cherry could tell something from the look in her son's eyes. It was just like the saying "What happens to children is of vital interest to parents," Cherry realized what Joe wanted to do.

She turned her head to Jackson, and said,"How about you have a chat with Grandpa? I'll go upstairs and help Joe do his homework."

Jackson was a little disappointed, because he had intended to look at the night scenery in the balcony together with Cherry, and now he had to accompany Grandpa instead.

"Okay," said Jackson, as he nodded.

Cherry and Joe then went upstairs.

While he was doing his homework in his room, Joe appeared to be absent-minded because he was pondering something in his mind.

Cherry seemed to have read her son's mind, and asked,"Joe, what happened? Is there something wrong?"

Joe looked at his Mommy, nodded his head and said,"Mommy, I want to tell you somet

here. Cherry walked to the window and recalled something while she looked at the night scenery outside. She thought about all of the things that were unknown to her, about some people and what Stephen had told her; everything seemed to have happened just yesterday.

Cherry got more and more lost in her memories. Stephen had once told her that among all the people that were around her, John was the only one that she could truly trust. But John had once betrayed her, and the innocent boy had already changed into another man. After she had returned to the city, she had found that John was no longer wilful and stubborn, and that he had become instead more mature and steady. What's more, ever since she had known him, he hadn't done anything to hurt her, except for the time when he was caught sleeping with her own sister, Jean.

When she thought of John, Cherry couldn't help but also think of Sally. What was her past with Jackson? She had once been Jackson's lover, but what on earth had actually happened between them? After her return to the city, she had found that Sally had also changed a lot. She was much more enchanting than before, and she was more mysterious, like a thin layer of mist was around her, in which although you could see her figure, you couldn't clearly see any of her details.

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