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   Chapter 277 God-like Person (Part Three)

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The two guards got intimidated because the child had dared to call out Bobby's name. Even though Joe was Jackson's son, he was no less arrogant than his father was, and they had to be careful with how they talked to him.

One of them said, "Not yet."

Joe felt relieved, because his Daddy and Bobby didn't know that he had met Jean today, so everything was still under his control. He could continue with the things that he planned.

Joe directly said, "If you dare to tell Bobby about any of this, you'll be dead before sundown."

The two were astonished by the little child's words, and doubted whether he was boasting.

"What? Do you think that I just brag and bounce? If I tell my Daddy that you bullied me, or if I make any other excuse, do you really think that my Daddy will let you off the hook so easily?" Joe pretended to be arrogant, because at that moment, he couldn't afford to show his weakness, or else all of his plans would go out in smoke in an instant.

After the two heard his words, they thought for a while and felt that it all made sense, because Jackson would certainly believe his son instead of them. They knew how powerful Jackson was, and that they were just the little people who worked for him, so how could they ever possibly compare with Joe?

After Joe saw that they were silent again, he continued to say, "What? Do you want me to call my Daddy now?"

Joe then took out his phone bought by his Mommy and was about to dial a number.

When the two guards saw that Joe was about to make a call, they hastily stopped him, and sai

, I'll go back to school with you, " said Joe. He then stood between them, held each of their hands, and walked out of the alley with them.

When Joe returned to school, the students were having their extracurricular activities on the playground, and his teacher saw him the moment he appeared there.

The teacher then quickly went to Joe, and as she looked at him, she asked, "Joe, haven't you taken a leave this afternoon? Why are you back at school now?"

"My aunt couldn't stay with me this afternoon because of work, so I came back, " replied Joe.

The teacher smiled at him, and said, "Alright. Go and play with your classmates now."


After Joe left, the smile on the teacher's face disappeared. She thought, 'Joe is really different from the other kids, he is astonishingly smart! I've tried to ask him things about Jackson, but every time Joe politely beat around the bush and eventually told nothing about his Daddy. I don't know what I should do anymore. When will I ever meet Jackson, the man as powerful as a god?'

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