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   Chapter 276 God-like Person (Part Two)

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While Joe was eating his ice cream, he said, "Aunt Jean, could you please take me to school now? I have classes in the afternoon."

"Get in the car, " said Jean.

"Okay, " replied Joe, as he turned around and got in the car.

While Jean was driving, she asked Joe, "How's the ice cream?"

"It's good."

Joe then suddenly thought of something, and as he looked at her face, he asked, "Aunt Jean, will you meet me and buy me ice cream next time?"

Jean was surprised, and thought to herself, 'Next time? Does Joe want to see me again?'

Joe saw that Jean didn't say anything. He pretended to be helpless, and said, "Never mind! Next time I'll ask my Uncle Wilson to buy me ice cream."

After Jean heard his words, she hastily said, "I'll come to see you in a couple of days again, and I'll buy you ice cream then."

Joe then suddenly looked at Jean, and cheerfully said, "Thank you, Aunt Jean!"

Joe was very delighted, and thought to himself, 'This silly aunt still doesn't have a clue about my true intentions. I just want to get information out of her, and ice cream is the perfect excuse.'

They arrived at the school gate, and after Joe saw that Jean drove away, he wanted to turn around and go back to school, but he found that there were two men dressed in black clothes standing not that far away from him.

Joe stopped and was confused, and he wondered whether anyone was following him.

After a while, a thought came to his mind. Joe didn't walk into the school anymore, because he had already taken the rest of the day off. And even if he didn't go, his teacher would still say nothing, because he was Jackson's son, and his teacher catered to his every whim in order to pl


The two then lowered their heads and looked at each other, as if they were trying to communicate through some sort of eye contact. They didn't reply to Joe's question.

"Answer me!" suddenly shouted Joe. His tone sounded furious, and although he was childish, he was no less bossy than his Daddy was.

The two then couldn't help but shiver, and one of them said, "Yes, we did, but little master Joe, you shouldn't be close to that woman. Boss Bobby ordered us that we shouldn't allow you to be anywhere near strangers."

After Joe heard this, he understood that his Daddy had asked Bobby to protect him and to prevent him from getting close to strangers. Joe wondered what Jean had said to him and knew his Daddy's intention. There certainly was a group of people that wanted to get back at his Daddy, so his Daddy worried that he might be hurt and thus had put someone to keep an eye on him.

"Have you reported this to Bobby yet?" asked Joe. Joe directly called Bobby's name, and although Bobby was much more older than him, he was still just a servant for Joe. Joe was, after all, Jackson's son, a very powerful man.

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