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   Chapter 274 I Hate Them (Part Three)

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It was incredible that Jean could actually talk with Jackson's son in such a polite and nice manner. 'How can this happen?' she thought. Although earlier Joe had been mean to her, she still wanted to have lunch with him.

"Grab lunch with you? Why would I do that?" asked Joe coldly, just like his father always did.

"Because I'm you Aunt, your mother's sister. By the way, I'm Jean."

"Jean?" Joe thought that he might have heard the name a long time ago. Had his mother ever mentioned it to him before? Perhaps not, but he thought that if Jean was telling the truth, then she was his aunt.

Joe pondered for a few moments, and considered that it was unlikely for her to harm him. If that was the case, then having lunch with her might clarify some things that his parents had tried to keep hidden away from him.

"Wait here, I'm going to speak with my class teacher and ask for a leave, " said Joe indifferently.

"Alright, I'll wait. That's my car, " said Jean, while pointing at a white sports car not far away from the place she was standing.

"Go to your car and wait for me inside. I'm in no mood to hear my pals talking about you and me together, " said Joe.

"As you wish, " answered Jean.

Ten minutes later, Joe came out of the school building carrying his backpack. He handed the leave application to the porter and then walked out through the school gate.

As soon as he got inside Jean's car, Joe asked, "What would you like to eat?"

"Do you know a good restaurant?" asked Jean amiably.

"Sichuan cuisine is fine with me, " answered Joe earnestly.

"Then let's go to a Sichuan restaurant nearby, " replied Jean. She then started the car's engine and drove away.

Sitting at the Sichuan restaurant, Jean couldn't enjoy the food on the tabl

for a moment. Why had Cherry been so praised and applauded all the time? Why had Cherry always made her jealous? Why hadn't she been able to have any of those wonderful things in her life?

"My Mommy was born in Shen Family, it's true, and that is a fixed fact. How dare you call it a mistake and make her pay the price?" Joe tried to defend his Mommy, and although he was still a child, he actually understood things. Human beings can't choose their parents or their families, as much as he couldn't choose the father whom he had never seen in the earlier days of his childhood. Even so, he had never complained to his Mommy about this, because he knew that she loved him very much.

"You.., " started Jean, but her words quickly trailed off. He was a badass kid, and she suddenly didn't know how to rebuke him anymore.

Jean thought for a few moments before she spoke again, "I hate your father, as well as your mother. He's the cause for all of my pain and misery."

She could never forget Jackson's revenge on her and that horrible place which terrified even the most bravest of men or women to death. That place had made her forever lose everything that she had cherished.

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