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   Chapter 266 As Long As She Is Fine (Part One)

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In the evening, when Cherry and Jackson were lying in bed, she looked at him, and said, "Jackson, I want to tell you something."

"Tell me then, " replied Jackson as he put Cherry's hair behind her ears.

"Joe wants to visit my mother and uncle. Do you want to pay them a visit this weekend?" said Cherry.

Jackson was a little surprised, because he had never expected to go to the Yuwen Family in the weekend.

"Go to Wilson's house?" asked Jackson.

Cherry nodded, and said, "Well, Joe misses his grandfather and grandmother a lot, and I miss my mom too. I also want to go back and visit them, but if you don't want to, it's fine for us to go alone."

Cherry didn't want to make Jackson feel awkward. She feared that he would have something else to do, or that he wouldn't like to go with her. After all, he was honored in the eyes of many other people, and even her mother and uncle thought highly of him.

Jackson touched Cherry's hair, and said in a spoiled manner, "Silly girl, as their son-in-law, how could I not go back to visit my in-laws?"

"Would you really like to go with us there?" asked Cherry in a surprised tone.

Jackson nodded, and replied, "Yes, we'll go there together."

"Okay, " said Cherry as she smiled happily at him. She continued to say, "My mom will be very happy! I will tell her the good news tomorrow."

"Don't go to work tomorrow. How about I accompany you to buy some gifts for Uncle, Aunt, and Wilson? We can't visit them empty-handed, right?" said Jackson.

Cherry looked at Jackson astonished. She couldn't believe that Jackson would say such touching words. In his heart there was indeed room for family relationship, and if his parents were still alive, he would have been a filial son.

"Okay, it's your call, " said Cherry with a smile on her lips.

Jackson then happily held Cherry in his arms. In his heart, her mother was his own r

d back into the house.

After she arrived in the living room, Cherry saw the butler helping Andrew walk outside. Cherry asked, "Grandpa, are you going out with the butler?"

"Yes, we'll go outside and take a walk in the park. Go and do your things with Jackson, " said Andrew.

"Okay, " said Cherry. She then looked at the butler, and said, "Take good care of Grandpa!"

"Okay, don't worry, Cherry!" said the butler while he smiled at her.

Cherry turned around and went upstairs after she saw that Andrew and the butler walked out the door.

When she walked into the room, she saw that Jackson was standing by the window and looking in the yard.

Cherry then walked closer to Jackson. She stood beside him, and as she took his hand, she whispered, "What are you looking at?"

"Are Grandpa and the butler outside?" asked Jackson.

"I just saw Grandfather downstairs. He said that he was going to take a walk, I guess because he felt bored to stay home all alone by himself. It's a good idea to let the butler take him out for a walk, " said Cherry, as she looked at Andrew and the butler outside through the window.

Jackson then suddenly looked at Cherry, and said, "Baby, let's make time in the near future to also go with Grandpa for a walk."

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