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   Chapter 263 The Present From Great Grandfather (Part One)

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Jackson and Derek then drove to the JS Group, and after they arrived, they got out of the car and walked directly to Selina's office inside the JS building.

While Selina was working, she heard the door of the elevator open and raised her head to see who it was. She was surprised to see Jackson and Derek's angry expressions, and she immediately stood up to greet them, "Hi, Jackson, Derek."

Jackson was too irate to even glimpse at Selina, and instead walked straight into her office and sat down on the sofa.

Derek also stared angrily at Selina, and also sat down on the sofa without saying a word.

Their behavior upset Selina, and she thought, 'What's wrong with them? Why are they so angry?'

Selina walked towards Derek and sat beside him. She asked, "What's the matter? Derek, you two seem unhappy."

Derek looked at Jackson and saw that he was looking outside of the window; he still didn't want to talk to Selina.

Derek furiously stared at his sister, and said, "When Jackson and I handed the JS Group over to you, we told you that you had to discuss with us if anything urgent ever appeared. Do you remember that? Do you think that you're powerful enough to handle everything all by yourself?"

Selina was puzzled by his words, and answered, "No, I don't. You two know all the things that happen in the JS Group, don't you? By the way, nothing urgent happened in the JS Group. What do you want me to tell you?" Selina thought, 'What's wrong with them? Have they gone mad?'

Derek glared at Selina, and said, "Isn't the rise of the ZM Group a big deal?"

Selina was too surprised to answer Derek's question. Although she agreed with him that the rise of the ZM Group was a big deal, she was still confused. How did the rise of the ZM Group relate to the JS Group? The ZM Group and the JS Group were like strangers to each other, because the two groups had no business interactions with one another

ackson, and he had already notified her that he would come to the JS Group to see her.

"Let's go and see what seems to be the problem, " said Cherry. She then held Selina's arm and walked out of her office with her.

Inside the elevator, Selina asked, "Derek said that the ZM Group is aimed at attacking our JS Group, but we don't even know who that Mond is. Why does ZM's CEO want to attack us?"

Cherry was also confused after she heard Selina. Mond was mysterious, and Cherry also didn't know too much about the ZM Group, so she couldn't figure out the reason either.

Cherry guessed from Selina's angry expression that she was scolded by Jackson and Derek, otherwise Selina, as an outgoing and positive person, wouldn't have been so angry. Cherry comforted Selina, "You are more capable than I am; if you have no idea about the ZM Group, what should I know about it? It's a mystery that we can't investigate."

The lift arrived and Cherry and Selina walked out of it and went straight into Selina's office.

Cherry saw Jackson and Derek sitting on the sofa. She nodded to Derek greeting him, and then she sat beside Jackson.

Cherry noticed that Jackson was very serious and put her head on Jackson's shoulder. She asked, "What's the matter? What made you morose?"

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