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   Chapter 262 Protect My Son (Part Three)

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When Jackson heard his words, the expression on his face immediately changed. He thought, 'Why didn't anyone tell me about such an important matter? If I had known about it in time, I would have wiped out the ZM Group when it was still weak, but now it's ranked second in the city, and I have no way to easily deal with it anymore! Because it's already recognized by the public, and has now become a competitive rival of the JS Group, it's impossible for me to secretly wipe it out anymore!'

Bobby looked at Jackson, and said, "Mr. Jackson, Mond Xu's purpose is very obvious. He's challenging you, and the JS Group."

But Jackson didn't reply to him, and only stared blankly ahead.

"It seems that he'll eventually emerge from the shadow and fight against us, " said Derek.

"Bobby, " suddenly said Jackson.

"I'm listening, Mr. Jackson, " quickly replied Bobby, because he knew that Jackson was about to give him an order.

"Send two security guards to protect Joe, but tell them to be discreet, to never alarm Joe of their existence, " commanded Jackson.

"Got it!" replied Bobby.

When Derek heard Jackson's words, he was confused, and asked, "Why do you have to protect Joe? Will he be in danger?"

Jackson didn't turn around to face him, and replied, "Several days earlier, I saw Mond next to Joe's school gate."

When Derek heard that, he was immediately taken aback. He glanced at Bobby, and then said, "Is Mond planning to hurt Joe?"

"I'm not sure, but one thing that I know is that he's very cruel. If he wants to root out someone, he'll do it by hook or by crook, without worrying about any of the consequences that follow, " firmly said Jackson. Although he didn't know Mond well, it was clear to him about what kind of man he was.

Derek understood what Jackson meant; he nodded, and said, "Yes, you

ccording to your orders, " said Bobby as he diligently nodded his head.

Then, Jackson fell into silence again, but Derek could understand what he was worried about: he was afraid that Mond would take his revenge on Joe. It was very easy for Mond to kill Joe if he had the chance to do it, and he wouldn't feel sorry about that for a second, because the hatred between Jackson and him was beyond any description.

Derek looked at him, and said, "Jackson, I think that Mond won't hurt Joe before he first meets with you. Besides, Bobby will send someone to protect Joe, so he'll be safe and sound. You don't have to be so worried."

But Jackson still didn't say a word.

After some time, Jackson eventually stood up from his seat and said to Derek, "Let's go to the JS Group now."

"Okay, " replied Derek, and when he saw Jackson stepping towards the elevator, he immediately followed him.

After Bobby saw them disappear behind the elevator's door, a torrent of fury lighted up in his eyes. He was sure that a great war would soon break loose, and all of his brothers would appear in the near future. However, at the same time, he had a strange feeling that this was exactly what he was waiting for to happen.

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