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   Chapter 258 The Valuable Pendants (Part Two)

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Cherry had leisure time and was carefree for the whole day. She sat in her office surfing the Internet or occasionally drinking tea, and just had to sign her name on some documents, because most of her work had been assigned to her staff.

In the afternoon, when Cherry was sitting in the office waiting to be off-duty, the phone suddenly rang.

Cherry took out her phone and saw it was Jackson.

She answered, "Hello?"

Jackson's gentle voice sounded from the other end of the line. He said, "Honey, are you busy now?"

"No, I had nothing to do the whole day, " said Cherry. She asked, "What's up? Why did you call me?"

"I miss you, and I want to call you, " replied Jackson vaguely.

Cherry suddenly became shy and embarrassed, and said, "Don't flirt with me! Do you really have nothing to say to me other than that?"

After he heard Cherry's words, Jackson seriously said, "Honey, something happened in the army and I have to deal with it, so I may not come back tonight. That means that you have to pick up Joe from school after work."

"Oh, okay, " said Cherry calmly.

Jackson paused for a moment, and then said, "Don't kick off the quilt tonight, without me tucking you back in, you might catch a cold."

Cherry was suddenly stunned by his words, and wondered, 'Is he worrying about me?'

"Okay, I'll sleep with Joe tonight, " quickly replied Cherry.

Jackson then said, "And please tell Grandpa the reason of my absence when you get back home; I won't call home."

"Okay, " replied Cherry.

After she hung up the phone, Cherry was dazed thinking about her marriage with Jackson. At beginning there had been no relationship whatsoever between them, but she had suddenly fallen in lo

ren. She shouted at her son, "Be careful, and come back home early!"

"Got it!" replied Joe.

Cherry then helplessly shook her head and walked into the house with her own bag and her son's schoolbag.

As soon as Cherry entered the living room, she saw Andrew coming down the stairs, with the butler following from behind.

Cherry smiled and greeted him, "Grandpa, I'm back home!"

"Well, already off-duty?" replied Andrew while smiling back at her.

"Yes!" replied Cherry, nodding.

"Where's Joe? He should have also arrived back home from school, right?" suddenly asked Andrew.

"He's having fun outside in the yard with other children. His friends called him as soon as he got out of the car, " answered Cherry.

Andrew then laughed, and said, "The children in the compound always have fun together in the yard at this time; don't worry, just leave Joe with them."

"Okay, " replied Cherry. Seeing Andrew sat on the sofa, she came closer to him and stood aside. She then said, "Grandpa, Jackson called me earlier in the afternoon and said that he was caught in some army affairs, so he won't be coming back home tonight."

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