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   Chapter 257 The Valuable Pendants (Part One)

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In the morning, Cherry got up very early and made breakfast with Lily.

When Jackson and Joe came downstairs together, they saw that Cherry was busy cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Joe then shouted cheerfully, "Mommy, Mommy, is the breakfast ready yet?"

Cherry answered, "Almost. You can sit in the dining room and wait for your Great-Grandpa, and we'll have breakfast together in just a minute."

"Alright, " cheerfully replied Joe.

After a while, Andrew also came downstairs with the use of his cane. When he saw that Joe and Jackson were in the dining room, and that Cherry and Lily were cooking breakfast in the kitchen, he suddenly got the true meaning of the word "family".

Joe greeted him happily, "Good morning, Great-Grandpa!"

Jackson also stood up and walked towards Andrew. He then helped him sit down at the table in the dining room.

Andrew looked at Jackson and greeted him nodding. He then looked at Joe, and after he smiled, he said to him, "Joe, you got up quite early."

"Yeah, my Mommy has to wake me up early every morning. Oh, it's such a torture!" said Joe, with an aggrieved look on his face.

Sitting next to him, Andrew looked at Joe, and said, "You need to go to school, and you have to get up early so you don't be late."

"Well, I really want that the weekend would come sooner, so I can sleep in, " said Joe with a pout.

"Naughty boy!" said Andrew smiling at his great-grandson.

Cherry and Lily then brought the breakfast dishes on the table. When Cherry saw the hearty breakfast that she cooked, she sat down next to Jackson.

"Breakfast is ready, dig in, everybody!" said Cherry with a smile on her lips.

Instantly after Joe took his first bite, he cried, "Mommy, it's delicious!"

Hearing her son's praise, Cherry said to him, "Hurry up, or you'll

rned around and saw her coming towards them.

Joe looked at Selina, and greeted her happily, "Aunt Selina!"

Selina saw Joe, and said gladly, "Joe, welcome to your new home!"

"Haha, " laughed Joe.

Selina touched Joe's lovely face and then looked at Jackson and Cherry. She said, "Cherry, how does it feel to live in the residential compound?"

"It's fine, " said Cherry with a smile on her lips.

Selina smiled back at her, and said, "Good! You'll find the fun part of living here in the future. Are you going to drive Joe to school now?"

Cherry nodded, and said, "Yeah, but my car is still at the company, so Jackson has to drive Joe to school first, and then drive me to the JS."

Selina quickly said, "Don't bother so much. You can take my car to the company, and Jackson will drive Joe to school."

"That's..." replied Cherry surprisedly as she looked at her husband.

"That's good, you can go to the company with Selina, " said Jackson.

Hearing Jackson's words, Cherry immediately dismissed her thought of refusing her, and said, " Thank you, Selina."

"Oh, Cherry, you don't need to be so polite to me! Come on, let's go, " said Selina with the same lovely smile on her face.

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