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   Chapter 252 His Deepest Nightmare (Part Two)

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Looking at Selina's joyful face, Jackson said to Cherry, "We'll also be moving back to the family residence today. I already told our Grandpa about this."

"Today?" Cherry was pretty surprised when she heard the news.

But Selina, who was standing beside her, rejoiced at what Jackson, and said, "That's great! Let's all move back to the family residence together!"

After she said this, Selina sat on the sofa, and Cherry walked to Jackson and sat beside him.

"Are we really going to move in the family residence today? I haven't even packed all of my stuff yet, " said Cherry, while holding Jackson's arm. She had to pack all of her clothes and things first.

"You don't need to do that. Just bring a few clothes with you, we can get all of the other stuff in the family residence, " softly said Jackson to Cherry.

Staring at the lovely couple in front of her, Selina felt very happy in her heart. She thought that all of them will be very happy together back at the family residence.

Jackson then suddenly looked at Selina, and said, "If you say she isn't busy, I'll be taking her away now."

Jackson's words surprised Cherry. She couldn't help but ask, "Where are we going?"

"I'm going to take you out shopping and buy you some new clothes. There'll be a party next week, I remember?" said Jackson.

Cherry looked at Jackson but couldn't find the right words to reply to him. The man was more thoughtful than she was.

Selina smiled, and said, "Just go already, buy some beautiful clothes for Cherry!"

"Selina, would you like to come with us?" asked Cherry, with her eyes fixed on Selina. She wanted to go shopping with her.

"I'd better not. You two go together. How could I play the gooseberry?" said Selina, smiling.

"It's good that you know that, " said Jackson scornfully. 'This little girl is smart and sensible after all, ' thought Jackson.

Noticing Jackson's expression on his face, Selina pretended to be angry, and complained to Cherry, "Sister, look how he bullies me!"

Cherry burst i

ime appearing in public. He not only wanted to impress the officials and aristocrats of the city, but also wanted to suppress Jackson. Although he had chosen Jean as his female companion, she still looked very enchanting and seductive to people, if they didn't know her background.

Three hours later, Jean left the shopping mall with Sally, carrying two shopping bags in her hands.

On their way to the underground parking lot, Sally said to Jean, "Jean, are you afraid to see John again?"

'John?' Jean couldn't control herself and suddenly started to tremble, almost falling off her feet.

She immediately suppressed her feelings and pretended to be strong again. She said, "Why should I be scared of meeting him? We got divorced formally that year, and if we meet at the party next week, I'll just simply greet him, because we've known each other for so much time."

Sally sneered and a disdainful smile curved her lips. She briefly glanced at Jean and then kept looking straight, and said, "Jean, no one decides your faith other than you. You have no one to blame but yourself for all that happened to you."

"Hehe, " slightly smiled Jean suddenly, "Aren't you doing the same thing as what I did? You spare no efforts to fasten on Jackson, anxious to get love from him. Have you never expected that you might have a worse ending than me?"

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