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   Chapter 249 Move Back (Part Two)

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Cherry then suddenly sat next to Jackson and fell into his arms. She affectionately said, "My dear, let our baby boy win, okay?"

No matter how absorbed Jackson was, once his woman came close to him, he forgot about everything that he was doing. His actions on the game controller gradually slowed down, and he eventually threw it away. He then tightly held Cherry in his arms, and in his deep and sexy voice, said, "Why must your son always be the winner? What about your dear husband?"

"Because only when my son is winning can I feel happy, " said Cherry smiling. When she saw that there was no indication that Jackson would get angry, she thought to herself that there was nothing to worry about what she said, and that Jackson wasn't going to be mad at her.

"As long as you're happy, " said Jackson as he looked at Cherry and kissed her on the forehead. He had thought about her every minute and every hour of the day, and now that she was in his arms there was no way in hell that he could lose his chance to snuggle up close to her.

Joe was paying full attention to the game, and didn't saw what his Mommy and Daddy were doing at all. It wasn't until the screen showed that he had won the game that he finally raised his arms and happily cried out, "I'm the winner! I'm the winner!"

At that moment, Cherry had already left Jackson's arms, and when she saw the big smile on Joe's face, she said, "Okay, turn off the game and let's have dinner. I'm hungry!"

"Okay! Mommy, let me feed you today!" happily said Joe as he ran towards Cherry and wrapped his arms around her neck.

Cherry held her son in her arms, and said, "Baby, Mommy can feed herself, you don't need to worry about her."

"But I still need to take care of you! You've worked so hard all day!" said Joe in his childish voice.

When she heard his words, Cherry felt very warm and sweet, and she said to the cute boy in her arms, "My sweetheart, you really care about

real home except a cold and unfamiliar house, but now everything had changed. Since Cherry had come into his life, he had felt so warm and sweet, and for the first time in his life he hoped that he could indeed have his own happy family that he had always yearned for. Jackson felt very content when he saw Cherry and Joe laughing together beside him.

After dinner, Joe went upstairs to do his homework, and Jackson and Cherry sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV together.

Jackson held Cherry in his arms, and he felt even more reassured of her love when they nestled against each other like that.

"When are we moving?" suddenly asked Cherry.

"Maybe in a few days. I'll go home tomorrow and tell my Grandpa about it, " said Jackson.

Cherry nodded, and said, "Okay. I suppose that Grandpa also wants us to move there."

"And when we move there, Bill and Lily can also come with us. We'll dismiss the other nannies in Grandpa's house except for the butler, " said Jackson. He had planned everything well: Lily alone could take care of their home, and sometimes Bill would have to pick up Joe to school. As for the butler, he had been together with Grandpa for so much time already that Grandpa definitely didn't want him to leave, so it was better for him to let him stay.

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