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   Chapter 247 Taking Care of Andrew (Part Two)

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Before Mond Xu could reply, Sally walked over to Stephen and said, "Stephen, we all know that you love Cherry and that you won't let us hurt her, but Jackson's son has to die. I can't live on this world and know that Cherry has Jackson's son! If Jackson is to have a child then it should be with me!"

Instead of retreating, Stephen said, "Sally, if you'll ever have Jackson's son I'll kill him before he's even born."

"You..." Sally froze, and for a moment she didn't know how to reply to him.

"Enough!" shouted Mond Xu, while looking at Stephen and Sally. He snapped, "Are you going to argue like this forever? Please remember, we're on the same boat now, " he said, and paused for a moment. He then stared at Stephen, and asked, "Did you forget how your parents died? And you, Sally, " he said, moving his eyes back to Sally, "Don't you remember how much you've suffered in those long years? You lived in a remote village where you had to survive from plain buns and farmland labor. In the end, you got nothing for all the things that you've done for Jackson, because he never cared about you for one single moment. Why do you love a man who treats you like dirt?"

Both Stephen and Sally froze and became silent.

At the same time, Jean slowly moved away from them, avoiding to get involved in the argument.

Mond Xu suddenly gave a sad and wry laugh, and turned around again to look out the window. "Our destinies are surprisingly similar. The An Family's, the He Family's, and Jean's misfortune all come down to the Chu Family, to Andrew Chu and Jackson Chu more specifically."

"Mond, we must act now!" suddenly said Sally.

"Shut up! We must bide our time, or we'll all end up dead. Don't you know already how powerful the Chu Family is?" argued Stephen.

Mond Xu finally composed himself, and after he looked at Sally, said, "Stephen's right, we can't take any sort of action unless our timing is perfect."

"What's our next move then? Are we going to keep on waiting like this forever?" said Sally. She continued, "You've been planning for five years already! How much longer are we supposed to wait?"

Rage started to boil in Mond Xu again, and he shouted, "Sally, how dare you scold me? You knew very well how much Cherry's departure influenced Jackson five years ago, and that had been the perfect timing for everythi

ld stay with him in case anything happens to him."

It then occurred to Cherry that all this time she had paid so little attention to Andrew ever since she had married into the Chu Family. Perhaps it was because Andrew had been living alone at the family residence for such a long time, which had left her the impression that Andrew was accustomed to that kind of life. Now she realized that Andrew was an old man who needed care, and even though he had the butler and maid to help him, he was in even more need to stay with his beloved grandson and great-grandson.

Jackson looked at Cherry and carefully explained, "Baby, I know that the family residence is less comfortable than this house, but that's where I grew up, and Grandpa's our only family left. I know how much he loves me, and I'll never forget that, and I want to stay at his side in his late years. He also loves Joe very much, so I'm thinking that why not you and Joe keep him company while I'm busy working? He won't feel lonely anymore then."

"Okay, " replied Cherry, "Let's move back there. I'll have time to take care of Grandpa personally, and he'll also be very pleased to see Joe around."

Jackson felt a warm current in his heart when he heard her words. She was so thoughtful and sensible, and perhaps that was the reason that he loved her so much. Moving back to the family residence wasn't only for Andrew's sake, but also for her and Joe's. Cherry, Joe, and Andrew would live a peaceful life together at the family residence, and that somehow eased his concern about their safety.

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