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   Chapter 245 Being Together Forever

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"Jackson, at one time in the past, you tried so hard to protect me, now you only want me to die?" Sally had a pitiful look in her eyes looking up at Jackson. She wondered if he could really bring himself to hurt her.

Jackson looked down silently at Sally. His relationship with her was somewhat complex and this couldn't be solved easily.

Cherry and Joe looked at Sally too, without saying anything. They were all waiting to hear what Jackson would say.

Jackson remained quiet and didn't respond to Sally's question for a long while.

Sally cast her angry eyes in Joe's direction and said harshly, "Your son looks very smart."

Cherry held Joe tighter to her but didn't say a word.

Joe turned half round to look up into Sally's eyes, and saw the hatred, jealousy, dissatisfaction, and anger staring back at him. He wondered, 'Does she love Daddy a lot? Or, does she hate Mommy a lot?'

"Leave right now! Don't let Grandfather see you, or I can't guarantee what will happen." Jackson coldly threatened as he glowered at Sally.

Sally understood Jackson's veiled threat. If his grandfather saw her, she couldn't imagine how he would treat her. If he wanted to secretly kill her, it would be easier than pinching an ant. Nowhere else but the military residential compound could that happen.

Sally gave Cherry and Joe a hate-filled glance before she turned and left.

Cherry watched Sally leave, and reassured her son in a low voice, "It's okay, it's okay, Joe. Let's go to say goodbye to Great-grandpa now. We are going home."

"Okay, " Joe lovingly told his mother.

Seeing Cherry and their son heading into the house, Jackson had a sudden realization. He looked around but didn't see the Butler. He clearly remembered the Butler had taken Joe out earlier. His Grandfather asked him to take good care of Joe. If it wasn't for the fact that Cherry an

. Believe me."

"How can I believe you? Sally came to the military residential compound. Do you think she will give up so easily?" Cherry was already scared in her heart. She knew Sally was a vicious woman, who would stop at nothing to reach her goal, no matter the cost.

Jackson didn't know how to comfort Cherry. He was more concerned than her. Protecting her and their son was his responsibility. He would never let them suffer.

"Babe, trust me, I'll protect our son. If Sally dares to try and harm our son, I won't let her get away." Jackson's voice was solemn. He wasn't infatuated with Sally anymore; he only tolerated her because she knew all about him. If she dared harm his beloved woman and son, he would desperately protect them over his life. The two of them meant everything to him.

Cherry looked into Jackson's eyes but didn't say anything. She wasn't worried because she didn't believe in Jackson, but because she was afraid their son would be hurt. She couldn't lose her son, absolutely not.

Jackson held Cherry tightly in his arms, whispering in her ear, "Babe, you, me and our son, we're going to be together forever."

Jackson's sweet words made Cherry feel a little better and gave a small nod and said, "Okay."

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