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   Chapter 238 Signing A Contract(Part One)

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In the afternoon, after she finished work, Cherry went to the school to pick up her son. When she saw Joe walking out of the school gates, she quickly got out of the car to greet her son.

Joe was very happy to see his mother, and he rushed towards Cherry the moment that he saw her. "Mommy, Mommy, I'm so happy that you have time to pick me up!" said Joe, while holding his mother's hand.

"I got off work early today, so I came to pick you up, " said Cherry, with a big smile on her face. Joe was her sunshine, who always warmed her heart no matter what.

"That's nice! Mommy, let's go home now!" said Joe cheerfully.

"Okay, hop in the car and let's go home!"

When Cherry arrived home, Lily had just prepared their dinner. When she saw that Cherry and Joe arrived, she politely said, "Madam, young master, dinner is ready! Shall I put the dishes on the table now?"

"Is my Daddy home?" asked Joe, while he put down his schoolbag.

Cherry looked at her son, and said to him in a tender voice, "Your Daddy has something important to do in the barracks, so he may not have time to come home this evening. We don't need to wait for him, let's eat."

After she said that, Cherry turned to Lily who was standing beside her, and said, "Yes, serve the food now."


After dinner, Joe went to his room to do his homework and Cherry sat in the living room and watched TV alone.

Suddenly, the phone rang. She knew that the call was from Jackson, and Cherry answered it immediately.

"Hello!" said Cherry.

"Hi, baby! Are you asleep?" Jackson's tender voice sounded clearly in her ear.

"Not yet, I was watching TV in the living room, " replied Cherry. She felt happy hearing Jackson's voice.

"Where's our son?" asked Jackson.

"He's upstairs doing his h

located just opposite to the JS Group's building. After they sat down and their food arrived, they happily chatted with one another while they ate their lunch.

"Selina, you said that you had something to tell me; what was it?" asked Cherry.

Selina looked into Cherry's eyes, and in a serious tone, said, "I got a phone call from a client this morning, and he said that he wanted to talk with you about a contract this afternoon."

"With me?" replied Cherry. She was obviously astonished and couldn't believe her ears that a client wanted to specifically talk to her. She asked, "Who's the client?"

"Shawn Shao, the general manager of an advertising company, " said Selina. "Have you ever met him before?"

Cherry tried to remember this man in her mind, but nothing could come up.

Cherry shook her head, and said, "No."

Selina was also a little confused. She said, "But why did he ask for you to meet him then? Maybe because you're the Group's Sales Director?"

Cherry thought for a while and also thought that it was very likely because of that. She then looked at Selina, and said, "Never mind about it. I'll go and talk about the contract with him this afternoon."

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