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   Chapter 237 Don't Hurt Her

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Cherry thought for a while, and then said to Selina, "It's okay, I'll explain it to him if he asks about it."

"But, I'm afraid that he'll get angry! I don't want your relationship to be affected by your work!" replied Selina.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. I'll only say a few words to Stephen and then leave. It's nothing serious, " said Cherry. She thought, 'If Jackson will be angry with me, then I'll also get mad at him.'

Selina pondered everything for a moment and eventually nodded her head.

Afterwards, Cherry left Selina's office and took the elevator downstairs, and then left the JS Group.

She drove her car to Stephen's club, but she didn't call him to inform him about her arrival.

After she arrived at the club, she got out of her car and then went straight inside. There weren't any customers at that time of the day, and the waiters were just cleaning the place. Cherry didn't talk to anyone, and instead immediately strode towards Stephen's office.

When she arrived at Stephen's office, she gently knocked on the door, but got no reply.

Cherry waited for a while, and then knocked again. She heard a vague voice coming from inside of it that said, "Come in..."

She then opened the door and entered the office, but she didn't see Stephen inside; instead, she saw only a stranger there.

Cherry looked at the young man who was sitting on the sofa not far away from her. He had a golden brown short hair in a fashionable style that was prevailing throughout the city. He wore casual clothes, and had an attractive appearance, with sparkling eyes, pretty lips, a delicate childish face that seemed to never grow old, and his warm and pleasant disposition resembled the sunlight. If Jackson was compared to the Prince of the Devils, then the young man looking at Cherry was like Prince Legolas from the Lord of the Rings.

Mond Xu stared at the woman in front of him. He had seen her before in photos, but he had never clearly observed her as he did now when she was standing in front of him. As he focused his eyes on her, he felt that he couldn't think about anything else but her. She was as pure as a young maiden, and nobody would have ever imagined that she was already a mother. She hadn't been very attractive at the first sight, but her fair appearance with her light make-up was a refreshing and sweet sight to lay eyes upon. Both her slim body and her quiet disposition could have easily aroused any man's desire to protect her. Mond Xu thought, 'No matter how crazy is Jackso

suddenly shouted Stephen. He then turned around and focused his eyes on Mond Xu's face, and said, "You should at least promise me that you won't hurt her, at least for the time being!"

"Stephen, do you think that you're really qualified to bargain with me?" asked Mond Xu, who then turned around and suddenly left the office.

Stephen quietly stood still and fell into silence again.

Some time later, he took out his phone and called Cherry's number.

The call was soon connected, and Cherry answered, "Hi."

"It's me, Cherry, " softly replied Stephen, who tried to suppress his emotions.

"Yes, I know. Go ahead, " calmly said Cherry.

"My friend said that you came here to see me. Is there anything important that you wanted to talk with me?" asked Stephen.

"Oh, I just wanted to ask you something about my work, but I've solved it now. But thank you anyway, " replied Cherry, who had already returned to the JS Group in her office.

"Okay, that's alright. Next time call beforehand if you want to be sure that you'll find me, because sometimes I might be busy and might not be at the office, " said Stephen.


After Cherry hung up she silently sat in her office, with her mind a total mess. She had talked with Selina after she had got back, and they decided to pay more attention to Mond Xu's name and all the clues that might relate to him with their work. They also decided to keep the matter a secret, because business is like a war without bullets, and they couldn't imagine what would happen if the news spread out of any of this.

Cherry fell into deep thought on her chair, and wondered, 'What kind of person might this Mond Xu actually be?'

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