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   Chapter 234 Go Back To The Military Residential Compound (Part Two)

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"Cherry, I think some things are not as simple as we imagined, like everything around Jackson is complicated, " Wilson added logically, "I'm not sure whether any of it has anything to do with Sally, it is bizarre though."

"What is?" asked Cherry with curiosity in her eyes as she stared at Wilson.

"When I investigated Jean, it led to some information of Sally's. The day Jean flew out five years ago, Sally left on the flight following Jean's, and what's more, their destinations were the same." Wilson slowly revealed looking into Cherry's eyes.

Cherry stared in disbelief at Wilson, "You mean to say, Jean and Sally are in this together, somehow?"

"Possibly, I think so at least, but, it could be a coincidence." Wilson shared his suspicions and doubts. He thought it was a possibility that the two going to the same place could be sheer coincidence.

Cherry looked away, avoiding eye contact with Wilson. Suddenly, she felt Sally and Jean might have had a close relationship with Jackson, and it bothered her that Jean could be so close to Jackson. What the hell was the connection between them?

Cherry's silence upset Wilson and he wanted to comfort her, "Cherry, my guess could be wrong you know. Don't dwell too much on it before we finish the investigation."

Cherry was lost in her thoughts though, and didn't get what Wilson was saying.

Wilson asked Cherry, "What are you going to do now?"

Cherry shook her head and looked over at Wilson, "Wilson, Jean has met Joe." She said.

"Joe?" Wilson's eyes widened, worried he asked, "Why? How? What does she want?"

"She may be planning to do something bad

e that!"

Jackson's playful smile danced in his eyes as he looked in Cherry's eyes, "I just told him the truth. My son is so clever that he doesn't need to do homework."

Cherry grabbed Jackson by the arm, "I'll handle Joe's education. Please, don't get involved."

Jackson was a little surprised at Cherry and he stared at her dissatisfied, "Joe is my son too. Why shouldn't I be involved with his education?"

"It doesn't matter. You are not allowed; I don't agree with your educational concept and I can't imagine what will happen to my son if you are responsible for his education!" Cherry dictated watching his easygoing look and determining it would be unwise of her to let him educate their son.

Jackson couldn't help but laugh. He wrapped around Cherry's shoulders and said, "Alright, alright. You will be the one who takes care of Joe's education. You are the boss of our family."

Hearing Jackson's words softened Cherry's heart.

Jackson saw Cherry's smile, "Baby, let's go back to the military residential compound to see Grandpa sometime soon, okay?" he asked.

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