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   Chapter 232 Do Not Run Around

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Jean stood up, crushed the cigarette in the ashtray on the table before she approached Stephen, and staring at him asked, "What? Are you afraid that I'll hurt Cherry?"

As Jean drew closer, Stephen turned away and took seat on the couch on the other side of the room in an attempt to avoid being near her.

"Jean, if you dare hurt her, I'll kill you!" Stephen's tone was firm, making it clear he was not kidding.

Jean was fearless though and sat down opposite Stephen; she stared at him as she asked, "Stephen, do you think that I'll do something to Cherry? Well, you should know that I found another guy, someone more valuable than Cherry to attack."

Stephen didn't know what Jean was talking about. He knew how much Jean hated Cherry, and as he watched Jean, he wondered who Jean hated more than Cherry.

Jean knew Stephen would never figure out who the guy was. She felt self-important as she glared at him and said with cold disdain, "It turns out that Cherry and Jackson have a child."

Stephen's expression changed as Jean's words hit him. He jumped to his feet and roared, "Jean! What the hell do think you are going to do?"

"Oh my! Stephen, why are you getting so mad?" Jean rose slowly and took a step closer to Stephen asking, "So you knew they had a child? I didn't know you knew."

"What the hell do you think you are going to do?" Stephen glared down into Jean's eyes, wanting to choke her with his bare hands.

Jean pretended to think before telling Stephen, "Let me think. I could kidnap the kid, it would be much easier, you know, since a kid is not as cautious or clever as an adult, right?"

Stephen threatened, "Jean, I swear, I will kill you if you dare hurt that kid!"

Jean suddenly looked at Stephen with a wild look in her eyes, "Do you think I cherish my life? Let me tell you something. Five years ago, Jackson sent me to that place. After that,

ephen continued, "But you shouldn't forget Cherry's your sister. You grew up together! You share the same last name."

Jean didn't respond.

Stephen leered at her, "Don't run around and act like this again. If he knows, you know what he will do."

With that, Stephen strode out, leaving Jean alone with her thoughts.

At the JS Group

Cherry was very busy on the first day of her new job. She needed to be familiar with the management situation of all the departments, which meant she was on the go the whole day.

Selina stood outside Cherry's office, watching her sift through the documents on the desk. Selina was a little sad because Cherry had been promoted to such a high position, but she didn't want to see Cherry overworked.

Selina knocked Cherry's door and then she walked into the room.

"Selina, there you are!" Cherry greeted Selina as she continued working.

Selina approached Cherry sitting behind the pile of work asking, "You didn't finish yet?"

Cherry replied, "No, I still need to read through some documents."

Selina sat down opposite Cherry, looked at her and said, "Cherry, I want to help you, so, I am thinking about arranging an assistant or nominating a deputy director to help you. How does that sound to you?"

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