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   Chapter 230 I Will Definitely Not Let You Go (Part One)

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Derek's words stunned Jackson because he hadn't thought of that before.

Bobby stood quietly to the side listening as he tried to follow his two bosses' logic on this case.

"Jackson, as far as I know, Jean left the city five years ago, about the same time Cherry ran away from you. All your concentration was focused on finding Cherry, and you couldn't spare any attention to Jean, but, I didn't keep a watchful eye on her either. I had just received information from my people that Jean had been ransomed by someone and left the city, and I didn't take it seriously at that time, " Derek explained as he reanalyzed the details of the case logically. "As I thought it over, I suddenly realized it couldn't have been an ordinary person if they were able to help Jean leave that place, but...."

Derek stopped talking.

"Go ahead, continue!" Jackson ordered.

"It's okay if the person who helped Jean leave was just a wealthy person. It's just that I'm concerned now that…" Derek continued staring into Jackson's eyes as he went on, "Well, she may have become associated with the people involved in the things that happened that year."

Bobby couldn't help but look to Jackson as Derek finished his words. The memories of the conflict between those families were so fierce, so horrible that it had become a nightmare that was burned into his mind.

Jackson shook his head, "That's not possible. I don't see how she would have been able to get in touch with those people."

Derek thought for a moment and nodded, dropping the subject.

Jackson was worried, too though. Derek's theory seemed plausible, but, at the same time deep down, he knew things could be more complicated. Jean probably had no chance to contact those persons, but that didn't mean they couldn't have found her. They might have taken advantage of her. Until now, he

" Jackson didn't open his eyes as he muttered lowly and clung tightly to Cherry.

"No. Joe will be late for school if I don't get up and wake him now, " Cherry argued, struggling to break the grip of his arms. Cherry knew Jackson well and how to deal with his overbearing ways. She whispered tenderly in his ear, "Honey, please sleep a little longer. I have to wake Joe up now. Okay?"

Hearing her tender, soft voice in his ear, Jackson let her go even though he didn't want to.

Cherry got up and headed to Joe's bedroom. After she woke him, she followed him, making sure he brushed his teeth and washed his face.

When they finished, they went downstairs only to find Jackson already sitting in the living room. She said, "Joe, go have your breakfast first."

"Okay mommy, " Joe said as he walked to the kitchen alone.

Cherry sat down on the couch beside Jackson, "Why didn't you sleep a little longer? Aren't you sleepy still?"

"I couldn't fall back asleep after you left, so I got up, " Jackson looked at Cherry dotingly. He couldn't sleep sound or well without her next to him.

Cherry held his arm and said tenderly, "Okay, then let's have breakfast together."

"Okay, " Jackson agreed, nodding his head.

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