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   Chapter 225 I Won't Let You Go Easily (Part Two)

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After Jackson and Cherry went into the mansion hand in hand, Cherry suddenly threw a joke tantrum, "My dear, I'm hungry now."

Jackson dotingly held her into his arms, and said, "I'll ask Lily to prepare lunch for us."

Just after he finished his words, Lily came out from the kitchen and said to them, "Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, lunch is already cooked."

"Really? I'll have it right now, thank you!" replied Cherry as she took Jackson's hand in hers and walked together with him towards the dining room.

Then they had their lunch together. Jackson didn't eat too much, but instead watched Cherry eat. He thought, 'She's had so little food these days, so she must be very hungry.'

As he wiped the few drops of soup off of her lips with a napkin, he said, "Baby, no matter what'll happen next time, you should never go on a hunger strike ever again! Got it?"

"I know. I didn't eat much these days, because I didn't feel like eating, " replied Cherry while she munching on her food.

When Jackson saw her childish behavior, he couldn't help but laugh and look at her.

After they finished lunch they sat on the sofa, and Cherry put her head on Jackson's shoulder.

"I want to go to work, " suddenly said Cherry, while she was thinking of something in her mind. She thought that she couldn't just stay at home like that, because she then would never have the chance to know what she wanted to know. Although Jackson decided not to tell her about anything, she decided that she would try her best to figure it out by herself, because she had a feeling that she was close to the truth, and that she would know them sooner or later from someone, somewhere.

"At the JS Group?" aske

a spoiled child, he immediately submitted to her wish and said, "Okay, but first we should go and choose a new car for you! I'll then call Derek and ask him to meet us in the JS Group, and I'll also tell Bill to bring Joe there after he finishes school so we can have a big dinner together. What do you say?"

Cherry thought for a while, and said, "It sounds like a great idea, but Joe has to go home and do his homework after school..."

Jackson immediately replied, "Is there any need for him to do that bullshit homework? Come on, he's already pretty clever, he'll solve all of his exam questions in a second!"

"Jackson! If Joe doesn't get first place in his exams I won't let you off the hook so easily!" said Cherry, pretending to be angry at him. She thought, 'Joe's 'fortunate' to have such a permissive Daddy!'

"And I won't let you off the hook so easily for your whole life, " said Jackson, and with that he stood up, held Cherry's hand, and left the mansion with her.

"Jackson, where are we going so fast?" asked Cherry, still dizzy because of his sudden hastiness.

"The car, " briefly answered Jackson.

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