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   Chapter 217 What About You

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Cherry thought for a while as she looked into Elsa's eyes, but still didn't tell her the truth. She said, "Mom, I'm not lying to you. I told you that Jackson has a bad temper and that he's cold to everyone, and you can understand that some disagreements inevitably come up sometimes living together with him. There's no need to worry about me."

Looking at her stubborn daughter, Elsa asked with dubitation, "Really?"

"Mom, don't you believe your daughter?" Cherry spoke to Elsa like a kid.

When Elsa saw that she couldn't get anything out of her daughter, she said, "It's okay as long as you're fine. Take care of Joe."

Cherry nodded, and said, "Mom, how about you go to the next room to accompany Joe? I have some business to discuss with my brother."

"Okay, I haven't played with my grandson for a long time, " said Elsa with a smile on her lips.

Cherry walked her mother to Joe's room, and Elsa stayed to play with Joe. Cherry and Wilson then left the room.

"Brother, let's go to the study; I'll have a word with you." said Cherry.

"Okay, " said Wilson.

Immediately after they entered the study, Wilson asked his sister, "Cherry, what happened? Why won't Jackson let you out of the house?"

Cherry then looked at Wilson, and seriously said, "Brother, I found out some things about Jackson's past; he doesn't want me to know about them, so he imprisoned me here in the house, and won't allow me to even go outside the door's threshold."

"What did you find out?" asked Wilson. He was somehow nervous, and thought, 'People who are so mysterious like Jackson must have plenty of secrets.'

Cherry didn't plan to lie to Wilson, because she believed him. She asked, "Do you know Sally He?"

Wilson nodded.

"Something seemed to have happened between her, Stephen and Jackson, something related to their families, " said Cherry.

Wilson felt a little confused, but he didn't utter a word and listened to Cherry.

"I think that the key to this whole puzzle is in neither one of these three, but a mysterious man. Sally

n you tell me why are you looking for Harrison and Jean now? These are people that have hurt you."

Cherry looked at Wilson's expression, and thought that because he was her most trustworthy brother, she could tell him.

"Because my father may know what happened to the Chu Family, He Family and An Family. Although I'm not sure, I think that at that time, the Shen Family was also renowned in the city. so my dad may know what happened, " said Cherry, although still a little bit uncertain. She then continued, "And my sister, she disappeared because of Emily. I want you to find her, know about her current life, and find out about what Jackson had done to her five years ago."

After he heard Cherry's words, Wilson somewhat understood her. Although the two people had been bad to Cherry, they seemed to be in possession of something that Cherry wanted to know.

When she saw that Wilson was thinking, Cherry held his arm and shook it. She said, "But brother, don't forget, all the words that I said to you now can never be known by anyone else, especially not by my mother and uncle. You must not tell them, okay?"

Wilson looked at Cherry and nodded. He replied, "Don't worry, Cherry; I know what to do."

"Okay, " nodded Cherry, thinking that a big problem was solved.

Wilson was still worried about her, and asked, "But, Cherry, what about you?"

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