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   Chapter 216 I'm Fine

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Jackson picked up the phone.

"Hello, " he answered it.

Wilson heard Jackson's voice, and said, "This's Wilson."

Jackson was somehow shocked, because he had never thought that Wilson would call.

"What's up?" asked Jackson coldly.

"Is Cherry at home? I called on her mobile, but she didn't answer, " said Wilson, pretending to know nothing of what was happening.

"Yeah, she's at home. You can tell me why you called her, " said Jackson indifferently, as he always was with him.

"Nothing serious. My father and aunt just want to drop by and see Cherry and Joe, " said Wilson, trying to be as nice and polite as he could not to anger Jackson.

"Tonight?" asked Jackson, bewildered.

"Yeah, we were just about to leave, " answered Wilson.

Jackson thought for a moment, and coldly said, "Okay. We haven't had dinner yet, but we can eat together when you arrive here."

"Alright, we'll be there soon. Tell Cherry and Joe that we're coming."

"Okay, " said Jackson, and then hung up the phone.

Jackson entered the kitchen and told Lily, "Prepare more food. We'll be having guests tonight."

Lily seemed to be surprised, and said, "Of course, Mr. Jackson."

Jackson intended to leave the kitchen, but then he turned around, and asked, "What did Cherry do today?"

Lily thought for a moment and then stopped what she was doing. In a downhearted manner, she answered him, "Cherry didn't eat anything all day. She locked herself inside her room and didn't come out all day."

Jackson suddenly lost his temper, and shouted at Lily, "Then why didn't you put the damn food on a tray and take it to her room!"

Lily was taken aback, and said, "Even when I took the food upstairs, Cherry didn't want to open the door. What can I do?"

"Where're the spare keys? Are you stupid, or what? Why didn't you use the spare key to open it?" Jackson shouted at Lily furiously. He thought, 'Cherry hasn't eaten anything all day. Isn't she hungry?'

Lily lowered her head and fell silent, because she saw that Jackson was very angry.

Jackson turned round, left the kitchen, and went straight upstairs to her room.

After he arrived in front of Cherry's room, Jackson pushed the room door open, and saw that Cherry was sitting at the desk helping Joe do his homework.

At that moment, both Cherry and Joe turned their heads to look at the door. When Cherry saw Jackson's face, her cheerful expression suddenly changed.

Seeing his father, Joe indifferently said, "Good evening, Daddy."

Jackson didn't say anything. After he went to Cherry and looked at her for a moment, he turned to his son, and said, "I need to talk with your mother. Get out."

Joe looked first at his Mommy, and then at his Daddy, and Jackson's irate expression frightened him. He didn't dare to defy his father, so he obediently did what he was told.

Joe quickly took his books and got out of his Mommy's room. Before he closed the door, he turned around and shot a curious glance at his parents inside the room, because he was afraid that his Mommy might get bullied again.

Joe dropped his books on the desk in his own room, and then went downstairs. He had no idea of what he should do next, so he went to Lily.

When he entered the dining roo

ith Jackson sitting beside Cherry, and Wilson opposite to them.

During dinner, Jackson occasionally chatted with Wilson, although he did that just for the sake of courtesy.

Wilson saw Cherry and Jackson's facial expressions, and they seemed to him to be quiet and calm. It seemed that they weren't quarrelling as Joe had said and besides, after he entered the villa's grounds, he found that there were no guards around the place at all. Maybe Jackson had arranged all of this to fake a normal domestic life.

"Mom, Uncle, I hope that you enjoy the food, " said Cherry. Then, she used her chopsticks to put some food on Elsa's plate.

"Thank you, Cherry. We're a family, and there's no need to feel restrained here, " said Elsa. She felt sad when she noticed that her daughter had become more thinner.

A moment later, Jackson also put some food on Cherry's plate, and whispered in her ear, "You should also eat some food."

Although he spoke in a low voice, all the other people at the table heard what he said. Elsa shot a dubious glance at Jackson, and wondered whether he had always been so kind to her daughter or not.

"Thank you, " said Cherry, while she lowered her head and continued to eat.

Deep down inside of her Cherry knew that with her mom and Uncle sitting around them, she couldn't refuse Jackson's pretended kindness. She had to keep what was happening hidden away from them.

Joe was too hungry to think about what the others thought in their minds anymore. He shouted, "Uncle, I need more food!"

"Alright, give me your plate, " answered Wilson.

After dinner, Jackson talked with Jacob in the living room, while Joe insisted that his Uncle play video games with him. Wilson was too kind to Joe to say no to him.

Inside Cherry's bedroom, Elsa held Cherry's cold hands into hers, and with deep concern in her voice, said, "Cherry, tell me dear, are you happy here?"

"Mom, don't worry. I'm fine, " answered Cherry quietly.

"Don't lie to me! Your brother told me about everything, and besides, I didn't notice any intimacy between you and Jackson back in the dinning room, " said Elsa while she looked at her daughter.

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