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   Chapter 211 You Are Not Qualified

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Cherry then suddenly took his hand into hers ardently, and as she looked into his eyes, she begged him, "Stephen, please let me know about it! Please, I want to know the whole truth!"

When Stephen met her eager eyes, he finally submitted to her wild persistence.

"Alright, Cherry, I'll tell you. When the He Clan came face to face with disaster in the past, dramatic changes also took place in my family. At that time, during the chaos, Sally and I happened to know about a secre..." but before Stephen finished his words, the door of the room was heavily pushed open.

Stephen's voice stopped all of a sudden, and he immediately looked towards it.

When Cherry saw that Stephen moved his eyes towards the door and didn't continue his words, she also cast her gaze in that direction.

Both of them were taken aback and instantly fell silent. Cherry didn't know what she should do next.

Jackson, who was standing at the door, saw Cherry hand in hand with Stephen, and their intimacy immediately shot him into a crazed fury.

Cherry suddenly returned to herself and promptly let go of Stephen, and at the same time, Jackson was slowly approaching them step by step.

Cherry then quickly walked up to Jackson, but before she reached him, she kept shaking her head, and said, "Jackson, it's not what you think! Please, listen to me!"

But just after she finished her words, Jackson replied to her with a harsh slap across her face.

Cherry lost her balance and fell on the floor.

When Stephen saw her falling down, he rushed forward to catch her, but was blocked by Jackson.

Jackson then gra

our words in a very severe and loud voice, and it seemed that all of his other words had been spoken just to emphasize these four.

But Cherry still kept her silence and just calmly looked at him.

Jackson kept his eyes on her, and continued, "Cherry, if someone ever dares to tell you about my secrets, know that they're AS GOOD AS DEAD!"

When Cherry heard his last words, she uncontrollably started to tremble. She stared at his face, and realized that his heart was very different from his appearance. Although he had a handsome face, he had a cruel heart.

Jackson suddenly shook his hand and threw Cherry back on the floor. He stood up and, with his eyes still on her, said to Bobby, "Take her home."

He then turned around and left.

After Jackson left the room, Bobby went inside and dragged Cherry out. Stephen, still lying on the floor, watched Cherry being pulled away by Bobby and felt sorry for her. If he had known that everything would happen like this, he would have left Cherry in his office, even if she would have quarrelled with Sally there.

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