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   Chapter 208 Where Is Your Mommy (Part Two)

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Joe then made a gesture with his two fingers to show his Mommy how much of a small difference it was between him and his Daddy's looks.

Cherry laughed again when she saw how funny her son was, and replied, "Pumpkin, you're even more self obsessed than your Daddy is." She then looked towards the kitchen, and asked to her son, "Are you hungry? Let's go and eat something!"

"Okay!" happily replied Joe. He then held his mom's hand and they walked together towards the kitchen.

After he had just two bites of food in the kitchen, Joe asked Cherry, "Mommy, is Daddy coming home tonight?" Joe stared at his mom and waited for her answer.

"I don't think so, your Daddy has some things to do in the army, and he won't be coming home tonight, " replied Cherry, while she was eating.

Joe was very excited after he heard what his Mommy had just said. He cried out, "Mommy, then I want to sleep with you tonight!"

After Cherry thought for a while, she put down her chopsticks, and said, "Joe, Mommy has to go out for a while, because I need to finish some work in the office. If I won't come back before nine, can you go to sleep first and not wait for me? Can you do that for me?"

Joe could tell from the look in his Mommy's eyes that she was preoccupied. He knew that something must have happened to her, but that she was unwilling to tell him any of the details.

"Fine, " simply replied Joe, a little bit upset.

When she saw that her son was wearing a sulky face, Cherry softly said, "Joe, you kn

I have no idea, she just told me that I should go to bed early, " replied Joe worriedly. He didn't tell Jackson that Cherry had gone to the office, because she had obviously lied to him. What if his Daddy would call his aunt Selina to check on his Mommy after he told him that?

Suddenly, Jackson paused the game, and as looked into Joe's eyes, he asked again, "Didn't your Mommy tell you where she went?"

Joe only shook his head and remained silent.

Jackson then put down the iPad, and said, "Lily should know where she is."

After he said this, he put aside the iPad and went out of Joe's room. He decided to ask Lily where Cherry went, because since Joe knew nothing about her whereabouts, he was sure that she was the only person left in the house who knew where Cherry and Bill had actually gone to. Bill surely must have told Lily where he took Cherry.

Joe was rather clever, and when he saw that his Daddy left his room, he quickly followed behind him, knowing that something was wrong.

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