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   Chapter 207 Where Is Your Mommy (Part One)

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Suddenly, the room seemed to be very strange to her. Cherry felt that it was full of secrets that she didn't have a clue about, and wondered, 'Can it be true that I'm no longer the mistress of this house? Has everything changed in the passed five years?'

An idea then suddenly came into her mind, and she wanted to discover the unrevealed details hidden in her former home.

Cherry started to rummage around in the study. She removed all the books off the self and carefully searched through them.

After two hours of searching, Cherry had almost looked through every nook and cranny of the study, but had found nothing besides the receipt.

After Cherry pondered for a while, she walked out of the study and went into the bedroom. This was the most familiar room to her, and she thought that she couldn't possibly find something there, or could she?

Cherry began to search through the wardrobe and the dresser, and although she believed that she couldn't find something there, she still couldn't overlook it.

She eventually gave up searching after she found nothing suspicious there, and then sat down on the bed and started to think about the receipt. Why had Jackson transferred so much money to Sally?

Cherry's eyes then suddenly shifted to the picture on the bedside table. It was her wedding picture with Jackson.

Cherry picked it up and closely looked at it, and felt bitter inside.

'Jackson, you told me that you will love me with all your life, and you told me that the most important thing is to be honest with one another, but why do you still keep things about you and Sally hidden away from me? Is it because you want to protect her? Or that you're still in love with h


She looked at the photo, and thought to herself, 'Jackson, would you like to take a family photo with us?'

After they got back home, Cherry sat back on the sofa and asked Lily to bring her a glass of water.

Cherry happened to notice that Bill had put the car keys on the shoe cabinet, and suddenly an idea came into her mind. With that thought, Cherry's look in her eyes deepened, and a complex feeling overwhelmed her.

It was past six when Joe finished his homework, and when he ran downstairs, he saw that his Mommy was watching her soap opera.

Joe then ran in front of his mother, and said, "Mommy, don't you think that you look like a little girl? A little girl who likes watching soap operas?"

Cherry looked at her son and laughed. She said, "There are tones of handsome guys in soap operas, and I like to see handsome guys."

Joe pouted and then stood in front of the TV to block her Mommy's sight. He said, "You already have Daddy and me, aren't we enough for you? Do you think that there are other guys more handsome than Daddy and me? But I have to say, I'm a little bit more handsome than Daddy is."

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