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   Chapter 205 A Sweet Life

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When it came bedtime for Joe, Cherry read a story for him. After he fell asleep, she tucked him in and left the room.

When she was also on her way to her bedroom, Cherry saw that the light in the study room was on. She thought that Jackson must surely be in there, and she decided to go and check on him.

On her way to him, she saw Lily holding a cup of hot coffee in her hands.

Lily greeted Cherry, "Madam."

"Is that for Jackson?" asked Cherry, referring to the cup of steaming coffee.

Lily nodded.

"Give it to me, I'll take it to him. You can leave now, " said Cherry, while she took the cup from her hands.

"Okay, " said Lily while nodding.

Cherry then entered the study.

Jackson didn't raise his head at first, thinking that it was Lily, but when he caught Cherry's sweet scent, he immediately realized that his wife was in the room.

Jackson then looked up and saw Cherry standing beside him. "How come you brought me the coffee?" he asked.

Cherry then handed him the cup, and said, "I just put Joe to sleep earlier and I saw Lily bringing you the coffee, so I thought I would better bring it to you and let her go and rest."

Jackson took the cup of coffee and sipped some of it before he placed it on his desk.

Cherry thought that since she brought him the coffee she should leave.

But Jackson suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms.

Cherry lost her balance for a moment and fell into Jackson's lap.

She quietly sat on his lap, listened to his breath and smelled the coffee mixed with her husband's scent.

"Why the rush? Why not stay a little longer with me here?" said Jackson, trying to nuzzle Cherry who felt his warm breath on her cheek.

She immediately turned her head away and avoided to look at him. "It's late, " she said, "I have to go to bed."

"It's only ten o'clock now, it's not too late, " whispered Jackson affectionately in her ear.

"Take your time then, I'm going now, " said Cherry, as she struggled to get rid of his hold, but failed. She was locked tight in his arms, and it seemed that she had no way of escaping him.

"I want you to stay with me, " he said, domineering.

Cherry still tried to escape, but her efforts turned out to be in vain. Eventually, she gave up on her endeavour, afraid that she would provoke him.

She then obediently settled down on his lap and cuddled up against his chest.

Jackson also composed himself when he saw that Cherry calmed down. He held Cherry with one hand, while with the other he flipped the pages of the book in front of him.

But reading was the last thing that he wanted to do now. How could he read a book in such a circumstance, when he was holding the woman to whom he was so addicted?

Cherry sensed his absent-mindedness when his hand moved from her shoulder onto her hip.

"Well, " suddenly began Cherry to say, "Was Grandpa angry because o

back to sleep, I'll block the light for you."

Cherry then pulled his hand away, and as she looked at his sleepy face, she said, "It's already noon now."

"It's Sunday, let's get more sleep, " said Jackson, who just wanted to lay in bed close to Cherry instead of sleeping.

"Jackson, come on, it's time to wake up, " said Cherry in a fond tone. "If you don't get out of bed, I will."

Jackson then instantly opened his eyes, and Cherry's familiar face came into sight. She looked as beautiful as ever.

Cherry pulled the quilt to cover herself better, somehow startled.

"What's wrong? Are you cold?" asked Jackson.

Cherry looked at Jackson, and said, "Jerk, remember to close the curtains and the door next time!"

Jackson stood up and saw that the door wasn't fully shut, but since he had not heard any footsteps outside of it, he was sure that no one had come inside.

Jackson glanced at Cherry, and after he fondled her hair, he said, "Baby, there's no need to worry about anything here at home."

"What if Joe sees something?" said Cherry, who didn't want her son to spot anything improper.

Jackson leaned closer to her, and said, "It doesn't matter. Our son is a genius, and he probably already knows everything."

"How could you..." Cherry couldn't find her words to argue with him.

She decided to go to the bathroom first, but when she was just about to get off bed, a pain suddenly hit her, and she fell back onto the bed.

Jackson anxiously asked, "What's wrong? Are you alright?"

Cherry glared at him, and said, "Can you be a little gentler next time? It hurts."

Seeing her painful frown, Jackson said, "Baby, I'm sorry. I'll try to be more careful."

Jackson's apology apparently pleased her, but she pretended to still be angry with him. "Help me go to the bathroom, " she ordered him.

"Sure, " said Jackson. He then kissed Cherry on the cheek and carried her to the bathroom.

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