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   Chapter 204 They Must Be Happy!

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Seeing what happened, Andrew furiously glanced at Lucia, and scolded her, "Can't you just shut up?"

Lucia knew that Andrew was angry, and she lowered her head without saying another single word.

Although Jackson's eyes glittered with hate, he just stared at Lucia and didn't utter a word.

Selina gently patted Joe's shoulder, and said, "Joe, be a good boy now! Look at how many dishes are on the table, cooked just for you! Don't you think that it will be a waste of good food if you leave and don't take a bite out them?"

But Joe didn't pay any attention to Selina's words, and shouted, "Get that woman out of here!"

Everyone at the table was astonished. They didn't know what to do or what to say, and all the people put down their chopsticks on the table and fell silent. Even the housekeeper, who was standing beside them, felt shocked.

"What did you say? You..." Lucia then intended to say something, but failed when she saw the fury shining on Jackson's face.

Seeing that Cherry didn't say anything, John also kept silent.

After a while, Cherry caressed Joe's head, and in a calm and gentle tone, said, "Joe, be a good boy now, we came to see your Great-Grandpa. We have to finish our meal with him before we leave, do you understand?"

Joe then raised his head and looked at his mother. Judging from the look in her eyes, Joe understood that she was also struggling to endure the unhappy scene.

He nodded in a lovely way and then snuggled into his mother's arms, unwilling to go back to his own seat at the table.

Cherry knew what Joe was thinking about, but she didn't say a word and instead started to feed him.

"Joe, what do you want to eat? I'll feed you, " said Cherry.

"I'd like some fish, " replied Joe, pointing at one of the dishes close to them on the table.

Cherry then picked up a piece of fish, put it on the plate in front of her, and was about to feed him.

Suddenly, in a voice that seemed to be filled with sarcasm, Lucia said, "Like mother, like son!"

After she heard, Cherry couldn't bear it any more. That was the final drop that filled the glass more than full.

She put down her chopsticks, and in a stern and firm voice, said to her son, "Joe, let's go home!"

After that, Cherry stood up from her seat, held her son's hand, and left the table.

"Cherry!" quickly shouted Selina after her. Sh

t's wonderful!" said Joe, while he happily clapped his hands.

"Cherry, you're so thoughtful, " said Selina.

When they arrived back home, the meal was almost ready, and the three of them sat in the dining room and waited for Lily to bring it.

"Mommy, will Daddy also come back?" asked Joe.

Cherry showed to be indifferent to that detail, and said, "I don't know."

"Never mind him, Joe, don't worry about your Daddy; let's eat now!" said Selina to Joe while smiling at him.

"Okay, " replied Joe, and then picked up the chopsticks to eat.

While they were eating, they heard the sound of car parking outside in the courtyard.

Lily looked out the window, and said to Cherry, "It's Mr. Jackson."

Jackson then entered into the house, and when he saw that the three of them were eating in the dining room, he walked to them.

"Daddy, come here! Let's eat together!" said Joe, clearly delighted that his father had also returned back home. He immediately put down his chopsticks, ran to his father, held his hand and brought him to sit at the table with them.

When Jackson looked at Cherry and saw that she wasn't in a bad mood, he decided that he should better stay silent.

Lily respectfully brought a pair of chopsticks and put them in front of him at the table.

"Daddy, let's eat now! The food is delicious!" happily said Joe.

When he saw how excited his son was to eat with him, Jackson replied in a tender voice, "Okay, let's eat!"

Selina felt delighted to see that they got along so well with one another. They were indeed a happy family!

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