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   Chapter 202 Mommy, I Want To Go Home (Part One)

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Jackson walked into his room and found that Cherry was browsing through a book in front of his desk. He silently walked to the sofa next to it and sat down.

When Cherry saw that Jackson had come in but didn't talk to her, she almost immediately got angry again. She stood up from the desk and walked up to him.

While she was standing in front of him, indignation flashed on Cherry's face. She asked, "Jackson, you really don't care if I'm insulted in front of your whole family, do you?"

He still seemed to be indifferent to her, and instead of answering her question, he replied with another. "Why don't you give me an answer?"

"You know very well that Joe is our son, but you still didn't stand up for me in front of Lucia!" furiously said Cherry.

"But you had John to help you, didn't you?" Jackson evaded her question yet again.

Cherry was taken aback. What was wrong with him? Why did he mention John? Did he have anything to do with what they were talking about?

Jackson then suddenly stood up, and as he looked at Cherry, he said, "It seemed to me that the two of you were getting along pretty well with each other, weren't you? Just have a look at what he's done for you! He even yelled at his own mother to defend you! You were really satisfied to have him on you side, weren't you?"

"Jackson, you... " Cherry was speechless. She had never thought for a second that it would make Jackson feel that way, but now that she finally understood his feelings, she didn't know how to reply to him anymore.

Jackson glared at Cherry, and growled, "Cherry, you're my wife now! I can't believe that you still keep thinking about your first love and still contact him behind my back!"

Cherry was very confused. 'What is he rambling about?' she thought.

"Jackson, what are you talking about?" She had no idea about what Jackson meant with his words.

"What? Did

the same man, just like me and Sally, and my Mom left in the end. Since she left, their children, Jean and I, have been competing against each other and hating each other. Even when I wanted to be kind to her, she and her Mother wouldn't stop..." She then paused for a moment, and continued, "I don't want my child to walk on the same path that I did. It was very painful for me, and I don't want that for Joe."

Derek understood her somehow, because all she wanted to do was to protect her son.

"Cherry, you actually need to trust Jackson. You and Joe mean the world to him, and trust me, he doesn't love Sally at all, " firmly said Derek.

"Then why has he still kept touch with her all this time?" suddenly asked Cherry.

"It's because..." but when Derek was about to explain it to her, he suddenly stopped, because something seemed to have sprung in his mind.

"Because of what?" Cherry looked at him seriously, expecting him to answer her.

Derek pondered for a while, and said, "Sorry, Cherry, I don't think that this is something that you should know."

Cherry's heart sank again, and she desperately asked, "Why does every one of you refuse to tell me? Stephen wouldn't tell me, and you won't tell me either, not to mention Jackson!"

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