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   Chapter 201 She Is My Aunt

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As she squinted at Cherry in a disdainful manner and twitched her lips mockingly, Lucia replied to Andrew, "Yes, Grandpa, I have to help John find a good wife until then, but I will never allow another woman, who is shameless and low, and who might also bring bad luck to others, to marry into my family." The sarcasm directed towards Cherry in her words couldn't be more obvious.

"Lucia, why do you always try to humiliate me? Do you think that you're as pure as a lily? Weren't you the one who got pregnant before she married?" said Cherry in a furious tone. She thought to herself, 'How could she look down on me like this? Why does she always make trouble out of nothing?'

"Cherry, you..." said Lucia, but she was too angry to complete her sentence. She thought, 'Yes, I was pregnant before getting married, but how dare that bitch talk about it in the presence of so many people?' and after this, Lucia wanted to slap Cherry across her face.

When John saw that Lucia wanted to hit Cherry, he hastily pulled Lucia's arm and, furiously said, "Mom, what the hell do you want to do? That's enough! Why do you always dislike Cherry? Has she ever done anything that has offended you?"

Lucia was irritated by John's words. She glared at him, and said, "I just dislike her. So what? In the past, you wouldn't listen to me because of her. Even though you had married Jean, you still hadn't forgotten about her. Wasn't she the reason why you divorced Jean? Wasn't she?"

John was completely stunned by Lucia's words. He couldn't help but glance at Cherry, but then he looked back at his mother, and said, "Mom, these things were in the past. Why can't you just let them go?"

When Lucia saw her son's angry face she suddenly fell silent and didn't utter a single word more.

Cherry was also very angry at that moment. Every time she met Lucia, she would humiliate her with her evil words. It seemed that they were doomed to be enemies from the very beginning.

"Grandpa, I'm not feeling too good. I'll go to Jackson's room and rest for a while," said Cherry, as she looked at Andrew.

Andrew knew that Cherry was angry, and that she felt wronged. If he had been in her place, he would have had the same feelings too.

He nodded.

After he saw Cherry go upstairs, Jackson sat on the sofa with an angry face and remained silent.

As soon as Lucia saw Cherry leave, she quickly walked up to Jackson, and said to him, "Jackson, listen to me! The child brought back by Cherry…"

Lucia couldn't finish her wo

anished. She looked around, and then said to Andrew, "Grandpa, I'll go to the kitchen to see how lunch is going. You, Edwin and John sit here and have a chat."

Andrew waved his hand and gestured her to leave faster.

After Jackson saw Lucia leave, he looked at Edwin and John. He thought that he didn't have anything to talk with them, so he said to Andrew, "Grandpa, I'm going upstairs to check on Cherry."

Andrew nodded, and kindly said, "Okay. Try your best to comfort her, and tell her that your sister has always been like that since the day she was born, and that it wasn't on purpose."

Jackson didn't say anything. In fact, he hadn't forgiven Lucia at all.

After he saw Jackson going upstairs, Andrew turned to John, and asked, "Have you met your aunt recently?" Andrew knew that Cherry had been John's girlfriend in their university years.

"No," replied John. He looked at Andrew, and said, "Great-Grandpa, forget about my mother's words. She has always disliked Cherry, and every time she sees her, she becomes unhappy. That's why she behaved like that earlier."

Andrew looked at him, but didn't speak.

When John saw that Andrew was silent, he knew that he didn't believe him. He then took one step closer to him, looked at him, and seriously said, "Great-Grandpa, I know exactly what you and my Uncle are worried about. Even though Cherry was my girlfriend before, she is my aunt now, and I know that I need to get along with her as her nephew. Please rest assured that we're only friends now, and that there's nothing intimate happening between us."

After Andrew heard Jackson's firm words and manner of speaking, he looked at him again, and nodded.

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