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   Chapter 200 Find John A New Wife

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They walked inside the living room, and Andrew showed Joe the whole Chu quarters as well as Joe's own room.

Joe happily said, "Wow, Great-Grandpa, there are so many toys here!"

"Yes, there are. I didn't know what you like, so I've bought all kinds of toys for you to choose from." Andrew couldn't erase the smile on his face ever since he first laid eyes on Joe.

Joe gladly said, "Thank you very much!"

Jackson, Cherry and Derek sat in the living room and watched Andrew come back downstairs with Joe.

As soon as Joe went downstairs, he ran to his Mommy, held her hand, and said, "Mommy, Mommy, you won't believe how many toys Great-Grandpa bought for me! I love all of them!"

Cherry smiled to her son, and said, "If you love the toys, then you should thank your Great-Grandpa."

Joe looked at Andrew again, and said, "Thank you, Great-Grandpa!"

Hearing his words, Andrew became even happier. He smiled to Joe, and then said to Cherry, "Cherry, you've taught Joe very well! He's so adorable!"

After Cheery heard him, she just smiled, but didn't reply back.

Then, all the people in the living room suddenly heard footsteps, and they looked towards the door.

Lucia, holding Edwin's arm, entered the living room, followed by John.

When he saw them, Andrew slightly smiled, while all the other people calmly looked at them.

Joe didn't know what was going on, so he just watched the three approaching them.

With a smile on her face, Lucia said, "Grandpa, we're here!"

Edwin greeted Andrew with respect, "Hello, Grandfather."

John also greeted him, "Hello, Great-Grandpa."

"Hello, hello! It's great that you all came back here today! It's such a rare opportunity for us to be all together here happily!" said Andrew gladly. It was a great joy for him to see all of his family members get together in the same room.

Lucia looked at Cherry, and then looked at Joe, who was sitting next to his mother.

"Oh, it's no wonder that Andrew is so happy today! You've finally given birth to a son." Lucia's tone was obviously not friendly; instead, it was sarcastic.

After Cherry heard her words, she thought for a while, and as she smiled, she replied, "Yes, and I've brought my son back. Sister, why don't you also give birth to a new one?"

After she heard Cherry's words, Joe immediately understood that the woman with whom his Mommy was talking to was wicked.

"You!" Lucia's face suddenly twitched. She looked at Cherry, and felt that she couldn't retort to her in this environment. Eventually, she helplessly said, "It's enough for me to have my John."

Cherry said nothing more to her, and instead looked away.

Derek knew that Cherry and Lucia's relationship wasn't on the best of terms, and when he saw that Jackson had no reaction, he also stood silently.

Edwin smiled, and while he pretended to be kind, he asked, "Cherry, when did you come back?"

Cherry's tone wasn't as cold as it was before. She smiled at him, and answered, "Brother-in-law, I've already been back for some time."

Edwin replied, "Great, I'm so happy that you came back! I really hope that you can be with Jackson and live with him."

"Thanks, " said Cherry as she nodd

viour. Jackson thought that his nephew, John, was indeed very romantic.

Cherry was a little angry, and when she saw Jackson's silent reaction, she was also very disappointed. Jackson was her husband and Joe's Daddy, and just before they had arrived at the military's residential compound, he had told her that he would do everything for her. However, Lucia had just insulted her, and he had said nothing. Why had he decided to sit and watch? Or did he actually think that Joe wasn't his son?

After he saw what was happening, Andrew suddenly turned his look onto Jackson. Andrew had been also silent, because Jackson didn't say anything, but if Jackson, his grandson, had said something for Cherry, then he would have certainly been on Cherry's side. After all, Lucia's words were very harsh and rude.

He then suddenly said, "Okay, okay, calm down! It's such a rare opportunity for all of us to get together, why are you arguing now?"

Andrew then looked at Lucia, and continued, "Lucia, look at what you've done just now! Jackson and Cherry came here to see me, so please don't argue with anyone else anymore. Even John can't stand you, and I really think that you should work on your temper. In so many years, you haven't worked on it once!"

"Grandpa, did I say anything wrong? I.." But before she could finish, she saw that Andrew gestured her to stop talking.

"Shut up already! Jackson will take care of Cherry's affair by his own. Why do you need to worry about this? If you have nothing to do, then go and find John a wife! Before I die, I want my grandchildren to have children, and then I'll finally be satisfied, " seriously said Andrew. That was the true thought generated in his heart since he met the youngest generation of the Chu Family. Joe looked exactly like Jackson, and he never suspected for a moment that Joe wasn't his great-grandson. In the near future, he hoped that John also started a happy family, but since John had divorced five years ago, marriage had been the last thing on his mind. If things continued to go on like this, Andrew really worried that John would eventually be aIone forever.

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