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   Chapter 199 Some Doubts

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"Cherry, you're back home! This is wonderful!" cheerfully said Andrew while he held Cherry's hands.

Then, Joe came closer to his mother, and quietly stood beside her. He looked at the old man with silver hair in front of him, and felt that they had met before. Also, he was impressed by the old man's high spirit. He seemed to be as bossy as Jackson was, but older. After he inspected this old man more closely, Joe felt that he was friendly, and he thought that this must be Jackson's Grandpa, and his Great-Grandpa.

When Cherry saw that Joe's eyes were completely focused on Andrew, she quickly said, "Joe, he is your Great-Grandpa."

After Joe heard his Mommy's words, he greeted him in a cute way, "Good morning, Great-Grandpa!"

"Joe, you're such a good kid, " said Andrew while he gently caressed Joe's face. He immediately seemed to like Joe, and continued to say in a nostalgic manner, "You're exactly what Jackson looked like when he was your age!"

Andrew didn't frighten Joe; instead, Joe stretched out his hands, and after he embraced Andrew, he said, "Great-Grandpa, I wanted to meet you so much! Both Daddy and Mommy have been very busy, or otherwise I would have visited you sooner!"

After they heard Joe's words, Cherry and Jackson looked at each other, and a surprised look appeared on both of their faces. They found it funny that their son, who was at such a young age, knew how to complain.

"Joe, from now on, if your parents are too busy to bring you here, just call me and I'll send somebody to pick you up, " said Andrew happily.

"Really?" asked Joe, surprised.

Andrew nodded, and continued to say, "Joe, trust me, I'll never lie to you. Besides, both your Mommy and Daddy would never dare to disobey me, so please, set your mind at rest."

Delighted, Joe shot a couple of defiant glances at his parents, who seemed to be ridiculed by his excuse. "Have you heard what Great-Grandpa just said? You can't disobey him, haha!" said Joe.

"You..." Cherry was somehow irritated by her son's naughty attitude. Joe, who had always behaved in such an obedient and cute way at home, now had the audacity to complain in front of his Great-Grandpa.

Sticking up for Joe, Andrew also appeared to be serious, and said, "Jackson, Cherry, really now, if you're too busy, I can always ask the butler to pick

ves Joe, " said Derek.

"Well, it's clear that Grandpa's in good mood today, " said Cherry, delighted.

"Grandpa has already been waiting for you for several days after you told him that you were coming. He asked the butler to prepare a room for Joe, and I think he's done a lot of hard work to properly welcome you back home, " said Derek. During the past few days, he saw that Andrew had been busy with preparing everything to welcome them back.

"Has he actually gotten a room for Joe?" asked Cherry. She was stunned, and she couldn't help but look at Jackson.

Jackson shook his head, indicating that he had no idea about that.

"Yes, you can go and see it by yourself, " answered Derek.

Cherry nodded and then remained silent.

Looking at Andrew and Joe, Jackson suddenly asked, "Derek, where's the butler? I haven't seen him all day."

"He isn't here. He said that one of his relatives needed some help and he had take a couple days off. He's supposed to be back in a few days, " answered Derek. He then added, "Grandpa told me that."

Jackson was confused. He knew the butler very well. The butler had grown up in the Chu household, and had been a bachelor all throughout his life. According to Jackson's knowledge, he had no relatives. Why did he all of a sudden take a few days's leave for his mysterious relative?

Jackson then looked at this Grandpa's back and a thought occurred to him. All of a sudden, the compound in which he had spent all of his childhood and most of his life seemed to be very strange and obscure to him.

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